NBN Wireless Install - Advice/Experience, Located on The Edge of The Estimated Range

I've got the install coming up in a few days & was wondering how other people have gone with it.
Half of my house is located in the estimated range, so I had to get an ISP to fix it up with the NBN, so I'm curious as to how other people have gone that have been on the edge & if the tech seemed to give it a good go before dismissing it.

None of my immediate neighbours have it, they are all older/content with ADSL

Did people find the tech actually called an hour before they showed up?
Did they need access inside the roof?
Terracotta tiles on the roof be at all an issue?
Also, do speeds/connection seem to be affected by weather/season at all?

Im hoping the wireless is faster & more reliable than my current adsl, but Im potentially planning to do load balancing over both



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    Likely a gutter mount. The tech will typically do a short run to a suitable location internally for the internal box (needs power). From there, you run a network cable to your own router device.

    Load balance would need a dual wan router plus the adsl modem. An adsl modem may have a wan backup but not always balance.

    Yes the wireless link will be subject to bad weather, much like your phone to a 3g/4g tower

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    I'm on fixed wireless. 4.6km direct line of sight with some trees on my property between receiver and transmitter.
    Install is roof mount at a low point to get under said trees. Colour bond roof.
    I'm with ABB and get 24/4.7 on 25/5 plan at any time of day.

    Fixed wireless is awesome if the towers aren't congested. I've read some horror stories on whirlpool.


      Im hoping that my area is not too congested, did you try the 50 Plan at all to see if you could get the faster speeds?

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        No. 25/5 suits family needs easily. Might try it for a month for shitz and giggles but I'm too tight and it hurts my head.

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