Found 1 Feral Cat and 2 Kitten Litter. What to Do?

Hi everyone.

Woke up to a feral cat who has 2 kittens living in our backyard in St Albans Victoria.

I have called council but they have said to hire a $60 cat trap which seems a bit stiff for a problem i didnt have yesterday. They will allow me to have it for 2 weeks?

Questions for you all.

Has this ever happened to you and what did you do?
Should I feed the cat and what should i feed it with? Even though the cats are a nuisance i guess i should feed it?

any services that would freely come pick up the cat or kittens?

Should I just get the cat trap and get it over with?


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    Haha, good to see this thread is playing out like every other cat thread in the history of OzBargain.

    Cat owners: "My cat never goes after native wildlife. I've never personally seen any evidence and, as we know, qualitative studies with a sample size of one are inherently reliable and replicable."

    Other people: "Uhhh, evidence?" We're not saying you can't have a cat, but please just keep it contained kthx.

    Cat owners: How dare you generalise about Mr. Whiskers. If he's kept indoors he exhibits some anthropomorphised psychiatric condition that hasn't been diagnosed by a veterinary professional. Why don't you kill yourself instead? #notallcats"

    Rinse, repeat.


    St Albans ehh? Consult your local crazy cat lady, I think she has room for 3 more.