expired Samsung Evo Plus Micro SD Card - 256GB $59.96 @ Apus eBay | 512GB $140 Delivered @ Tech Mall eBay


Good price on all the 512GB micro SD card.

Samsung EVO Plus 256GB micro SD - $59.96 @ Apus Auction

Original PHONO 20% off Selected Seller on eBay Deal Post

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  • +6 votes

    amazing how cheap the 256GB has dropped compared to around this time last year.

    • +2 votes

      Can't wait til the 1tb is this cheap.


        same here,

        I could get the 256GB again now, but I already got one from last year for about approx $85.
        512GB is the next wanted size but the price/$ is still not good enough for me.

        I will wait till 512GB goes below $100

        1TB still not out yet, but probably will get release either this year or next year.


          Terabyte cards are out from Sandisk. $450 US though

          • -1 vote

            @Merlict: wow… was not aware of that.
            Only checked the samsung products since they tend to be cheaper.

            Interesting the sandisk comes out with bigger size cards first
            but some are weird size like 400GB etc..

            I prefer cards that are double increments or in the pc increments of previous card
            like 256 to 512GB etc

            Do you think they would go from 1TB to 2TB cards or
            make some sort of 1.256TB or 1.512TB (ie 1.2 or 1.5 TB) cards?
            Basically doubling previous generation size?


            @Merlict: How do they fit so much in such a small chip?

            I remember a futuristic movie from the 90s called Johnny Mnemonic where there are "couriers" who carry data in their heads like a living hard drive. The typical courier could store 80GB in his head, but this guy pushed himself to the limit by overloading it and storing 160GB in his head.

            I guess they didn't forsee that you'd be able to get 1TB on a disk the size of a fingernail. Would be so much easier and safer, not needing to risk your brain if you just carried it in one of these.

            Oh and that 160GB was the cure for AIDS or something like that. Not sure why it would take up that much space but whatever.

            It's laughable watching old sci-fi movies now.


        does 1tb work on phones?


    Good price on the 256

  • +1 vote

    Good timing , just purchased a viofo a129 dashcam by using the 15% off code and now this comes ! Winning @:


    Thanks, Op!

    Bought 2x of the 256GB

  • -3 votes

    Pricing doesn't make sense. Or I'm missing something.


      How doesn't it make sense? Btw I didn't neg.


      Do you reckon the 512GB card should be cheaper than the 256GB card? ;p

    • +4 votes

      For storage you don’t simply pay for more. You pay for more in the same space. Fitting more into the same physical space is more pricey than fitting more into a proportionately scaled space.

      Writing my name on an A4 page of paper is easy. Writing it on a grain of rice is hard.


        why doesnt this apply to ssds?

        • +1 vote

          It does.

          A 1tb Samsung 860 is about $170. A 2tb of the same series is $340. 4tb over $700. There is always a price per gig sweet spot.

          As production becomes increasingly efficient, prices drop, and the sweet spot changes.

          Edit: Something else I might note. SSD have changed a bit over time in terms of form. So you can not compare pricing of a standard looking 2:5” SSD to an M2 form factor SSD. This is pretty obvious as they look different. However Microsd cards have remained the same form factor. This kind of hides the fact that there are differences going on under the hood, which is why even though a device may fit a microsd, that doesn’t mean it can actually use it (or use all of its capacity).


    Thanks OP - grabbed one of the 256gb also.


    OMG! 256GB only @$57.6??!! Has anyone try this card on DJI OSMO POCKET?


      Sorry I couldn't help myself when seeing your comment and laughed out! It reminds me a lot about those commercials seen on TV


    Thanks for posting this deal. Great price


    this 512gb or the lexar 512gb? (seem to be about the same price, but the lexar is A2 rated?)


    no more stock


    256G all gone :(


    Anyone used this card for a Dashcam? I was looking at the Endurance Pro cards.


    Waiting for cheap 1TB - already filled up my 512gb sd for switch


      That's quite a lot of games. You ever heard of deleting?

      That's what I do with all my consoles and PC. Surely you don't play all of that 512GB at a time?


        Never heard of deleting. What is it?


        Yeah its annoying deleting constantly, which is why I want 1tb.


          You'll just fill that up too and then wish you had 2TB.

          With 512GB you should not have to delete things "constantly". Most games are less than 32GB. But even with 32GB you have enough for about 15 of them. Do you play more than 15 games at a time?

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    I guess it's a pretty good price at the moment for the $512gb. I'll wait until it's cheaper.


    S8 here, only supports max 256gb unfortunately crazy how this is only a 2 year old phone but sd cards have already moved beyond

    Correction - apparantly it can technically go up to 2TB. Can anyone confirm the 512gb above works on s8?