Rigged NBA 2019 Draft Lottery?

enough said .. a team with 6% chance can landed in #1 and #2 draft pick … yes wtf

my opinion is my opinon and by no way it's influenced by the article from cbs.

Was it a convenient stroke of beginner's luck for Benson or was it perhaps a handshake, wink-wink provision of him buying the team from the league just months earlier?

what a ridiculous process and good luck Zion in Louisiana; hope you enjoy their jambalaya.

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  • The teams with the best odds only had a 14‰ chance so it's not really all that different.

  • If you want to see a contrived result, Eddie McGuire completely fudged the result on Hotseat last night, to ensure the couple who were going to propose got through to the end. Unbelievably rigged show. Night before, a guy got 6 questions in a row without knowing the answers just by Eddie saying 'lock it in' or ignoring instructions to lock it in selectively.

    I don't think the NBA lottery is rigged…the damages lawsuit would be many billions.

  • its like when the Knicks picked Ewing, they said the envelope was put in a freezer so they knew which one to pick

  • I'm probably more confused about the western conference finals being GSW's easiest opponents of the playoffs.

    • Yeah, as much as I like Portland, they stand no chance and Denver would have been a Better match up.. but Houston really crapped the bed

      • as much as I like Portland

        they stand no chance

        these 2 sentences don't belong to each other and yes, I do think you discounted Dame way too quick.

        • these 2 sentences don't belong to each other and yes, I do think you discounted Dame way too quick.

          Dame<<<<<<<Curry mate…thats the fact.

          GSW basically only need Curry, Thompson and Green. Rest are complimentary…yes including Durant

        • Dame is injured dogg, ain't going to be any more 50 point game winner for him this series. This series needs McCollum to step up to Superstardom level and for the likes of Harkless, Kanter, Aminu, Hood, Turner etc. to play out of their skins.

          • @serpserpserp: Kanter's use is limited by the fact it's Ramadan so he's fasting during the day. During game 7 vs the Nuggets (a day game) he couldn't drink water throughout the entire game.

  • EY risked it all for Zion.

  • I don't even know what this is about…can you win the NBA as a prize in a lottery now?

    • yes with 1 condition that you don't draft the likes of Kwame Brown as your #1 pick.

    • No, the prize is the number 1 in the NBa draft. Well, basically the right to pick Zion

      • Yep, this year being a bit exceptional as Zion is the most Hyped rookie…maybe ever. Talented, of course, but Obama and other celebs were paying thousands to watch his first year University games. This year might go down as when the NCAA was a bigger deal than the NBA? If you could get courtside tickets, Duke would be it. I'd be happy enough if Zion goes on to be the next Shawn Kemp (before the lockout weight gain).

        • lol, Shawn Kemp's career would be a bit of a short fall for Zion. Given he isn't 6'10" like Kemp or 240 at his proper weight, I doubt he'll end up like him.

          I think this guy is going to be something different. But if you have to compare him to an NBA legend now, you probably have to pick Charles Barkley but with much better lateral quickness/vert and passer as a rookie (and taller). But go back and watch Barkley as a 76er and you'll see what I am talking about. Charles game as a Sun and Rocket was a little bit more rounded (but less athletic).

          • @serpserpserp: I can understand you saying that as the memory fades, but I've been watching Shawn's top 50 dunks. My god. He also took the Bulls at their peak right down to the wire, Shawn being the man. He deserves props :). Just do me a favour and watch a highlight reel of Shawn and his insane Payton horizontal alley oops, his facials on Gatling, the loudest arena in the NBA. Shawn stacks up. :p great era. He seriously fills up a top 50 dunk reel. Best celebrations, too. Could sink a jumpshot, too. It's really incredible how close he got to the bulls' championship without much support other than GP.

            • @Frugal Rock: Maybe the memory has faded for yourself here. Don't get me wrong, I loved Shawn Kemp back in the day and he was an electrifying dunker and good on the block and was good at 16-18 feet face up in his all-star years, but as a complete player he was short of the mark and really only had it all together for about 3 seasons there.

              Sonics only won 2 game against the Bulls in the Finals, quite a few were blow outs, and had actually started out the series 0-3, hardly down to the wire.

              The Sonics that year had one of the best rosters in the NBA (it was incredibly deep with wings and defensive players), they won a franchise best 64 games that year and had Kemp in his prime and Payton won DPOY for that year. Schrempf was also coming off the season in 1995 where has we the leader in the NBA in offensive rating (a little known fact) so he was most certainly in his prime. The team was very deep.

              • @serpserpserp: For me the memory was more tarnished by the later weight gain, drug use and all his illegitimate children :p 7 kids with six women.

                About the championships, I was watching old stuff and was reminded about the Bulls playing Portland for one and I admit totally forgetting about that one, it was so boring. Phoenix was good. Utah was quite good. Sonics I thought quite good. LA and Portland, meh.

                I think the Zion Hype is fun but to me he might be a Larry Johnson :p. He had the Grandma Converse contract but little success.

              • @serpserpserp: Zion already has weight and fitness issues in summer camp. The Shawn Kemp comparison is legit. He's starting to look like Oliver Miller, only with a 360 windmill :p

        • This year might go down as when the NCAA was a bigger deal than the NBA?

          This that bullshit where the coach and the Uni make all the money instead of the players right?

          This is justified by claiming that getting a chance at the NBA is reward enough.

          0.00 something percent of them move into the NBA.

          • @Diji1: That, and shoegate! Zion twisted his ankle when his Nike shoe failed and put his lottery aspirations in question. Big NBA stars were telling Zion to sit out games and not risk his future contract playing freebie games making everyone else big bucks. It's quite a big year in the politics of the game. Zion's shoe fail affected the Nike share price by more than a billion :).

            (And that Duke games were the hottest tickets around. Laker games are so last decade.)

            • @Frugal Rock:

              Zion's shoe fail affected the Nike share price by more than a billion :).

              lol the share price fell just a touch over 1% and roughly over USD100bn market cap at the time. So the media really blew that out of proportion I think!

    • Its Lotto Tuesday there in the state.

  • Why don't they draw the balls live? Pretty sketchy having it pre determined. I thought that it could have been Knicks, LA and bulls for the money it'd inject.

  • The thing is, other than top 2 picks, rest of the picks this year are not special. Only Zion and Ja Morrant matter in this year.

    But then, I can't wait for the sleepers to prove the world wrong.

    My knicks should pick RJ Barrett..or just trade the pick fgs

  • LOL no one was saying this when the T-Wolves lucked out with the number 1 pick for KAT and the Cavs lucked out for the number 1 pick for Wiggins.

    If they were going to rig him going somewhere, it would be to a terrible big market team like the Knicks. Knicks have always had terrible draft lottery luck.

  • Dunno much about NBA drafts, but 6% is pretty high for a lottery draw.

  • I'm still all for the new draft system. Dramatically reduces the incentive to tank entire seasons in a desperate bid to finish last and get a guaranteed franchise-enabling rookie - which had been plaguing the league for years and also led to corruption with ref's. IMO, they still haven't gone far enough.

  • Orlando Magic getting two #1 picks in a row (Shaq and Webber) second time they only had one ball in the lottery and still won! Used it well, they wanted Penny but picked Webber so they get a better deal when trading for him.