Which Grey Stores Does Officeworks Price Match?

Hi, in your experience which grey stores does OW price match? I only know of Toby deals as someone said he got a PM.

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    All Officeworks stores should be price matching grey imports as long as they include GST.

  • some stores refused to PM toby as goods are shipped from OS

    some stores also refused to PM kogan

    It's all depends on who you dealt with.

  • I’ve found with most pricematch offers it depends on the personality of the staff member you ask, if they are well trained and can still make a profit they will match it, if they are a bit insecure and get a bit of an ego boost turning you down they will. I’ve found with Dan Murphy’s your better off calling the call centre and getting someone professional to do a click and collect with a CC at your chosen store, not sure if this works for Officeworks, wouldn’t hurt to try before hitting the shop.

    • I tried using OW Pricebeat last wk on an item around $50. Noone knew how to price match until I found one lady who made it seem like an unwanted chore that I had asked her to do. She sighed and spent the next 20 mins behind the counter on her phone, ducked out the back then came to inform me that the competitor charges $15 if you lose your receipt and need a re-print. I told her that I have never lost a receipt in my life but she stated that as OW do not charge $15 for a re-print of receipt that those terms are not the same and that she didn't have to price match. But then went on to say that out of her goodwill she would match it if I really wanted it. I told her I wouldn't of came to OW if I wasn't fair dinkum about getting a price match. Eventually I got it but it was not worth the effort for a saving of $5!

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