Medion Smart Plug Custom Firmware Settings

Finally got time to integrate some of these I picked up into Home Assistant.

Dumping some knowledge here to save people some time if these get released again…

I used tuya-convert to flash esphome firmware over wifi (OTA).

As mentioned in the thread the button is noisy AF which probably was why they initially were scuffed, to get the button working as normal you will need to use an internal pullup and a debounce to filter random signals sent on the pin.

Switches have been stable for hours. The button is helpful as it can toggle the relay or trigger any other action in your house.

GPIO3 - Button - Inverted = True, Internal Pullup, Debounce: 100ms seems to be fine

GPIO14 - Relay - Inverted = False

GPIO15 - Blue LED - Inverted = True

Have read that these plugs may come with red led and/or or power monitoring features (i did get some readings on some pins so this may be possible) which may be helpful but not for what I am using plugs now.


  • the button is noisy AF

    Serious question, nothing about… is this a show stopper as we won't even touch the button like physically touch the button? Contemplating of buying bang for buck smart plug.

  • With the updated firmware from the vendor its fine. The issue was they initially triggered without anyone pushing the button (bad). Look at the bunnings brilliant smart plug, same stuff doesn't block adjacent socket.

    My tinfoil hat however likes the idea of not connecting iot to the net where possible. Plus being reliant on someone else's service could make some very exxy paperweights(see what big G has done to nest)

  • Thanks for sharing

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