Alcatel U5 3g Telstra Locked

Just got a $29 alcatel u5 3g mobile from telstra and tried to put my telechoice sim in it but is asking for a unlock code?


  • If you buy a cheapo phone from telstra or one of it's MVNO's and want to put in another of telstra's MVNOs sim card in it says it requires a unlock code. So I put the phone under my bed and called the money I spent on it a write off.
    I thought like you that oh it's still telstra's network after all should be fine was a nope.

  • asking for a unlock code

    There used to be unlock code sellers on eBay. I've used them successfully in the past. Used to cost a couple of dollars.

    Otherwise put it down as a life experience.

  • Roll the dice, buy another from Optus :)

  • what about a boost or belong sim do u think they would work?

  • Perhaps yes, Perhaps no.

    Buy a couple of $2 sims from your supermarket and try them.

    Phone's starting to look like not such a bargain after all?

  • I had the same problem with Aldi Mobile and Belong. They are treated as different companies by Telstra.

    I believe Boost may work as its treated as if its a Telstra prepaid. The only thing Boost doesn't use is the 4GX network.
    When porting between Telstra and Boost you have to request a blank sim card. This is different from Aldi or Belong.
    Also the unlocking phone number of Boost is exactly the same as Telstra.

  • Are u in sydney? I can unlock for u for $5 if u come cbd.

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