Current deal for USB cable for charging iPhone

Is there any current deal for USB cable for charging iphone ?


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    Yes. 30 pin iPhone cables are really cheap at the reject shop.

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    Assuming you have a recent iPhone with a Lightning Connector

    $5.99 Delivered using "BASEUS3OFF" Coupon Code

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    I recently bought a 3m or 5m charging cable from aliexpress. Cost about $3 and is one of the best things I've ever bought. I can plug it in and still use it comfortably from anywhere the room, like an old sitcom telephone.

    Better than wireless charging. And super cheap


      Do you have the link of the cable you got? I often find that buying the cheap cables from eBay or similar sites, they often don't work as well after some time (e.g. lose connection, frequent drop-outs - especially when connected to the car) etc. So a bit sceptical…


        I think it was this one. This brand seems to have heaps of styles though, so maybe see what else they have. Mine seems good, but I have noticed that the connector bend radius is quite large, which makes it slightly harder to get out of the way, and a teeny bit uncomfortable when using it in bed. It's probably very sturdy, but their 90 degree angle might have been a little easier to use.

        Note I've only had this for a few weeks, so I can't attest to longevity or anything. Feels decent though, it's quite a thick, braided cable, hopefully as tough inside as it feels outside. You could always just spend a little extra and have a huge pile of spares.

        edit:wow I just noticed they have a repairable one too


    Bought two Baseus lightning cables off a deal on Ozbargain. Not marked MFI. Took both to Japan, the pin broke off one while charging on my portable charger, while the other stopped charging and had to be thrown out. Won’t be buying this brand of lightning cable again.