The Cheapest Way to Get a Good OLED

So there's a couple of different methods right now, I'm interested in what your opinions are as to what you would do. I'm looking for something that'll double as a HDR TV and a pc monitor (that I obviously use carefully). For reference I am a huge fan of oled, and use my phone as a gaming monitor over streaming because i prefer that contrast and pop so much more than my LED monitor.

So the options are:

Get a factory second model with perhaps a small defect, such as a small burned image. Or a scratched exterior. For 999ish at a place such as this "" and a 12 month warrenty.

Get a cheaper brand OLED such as the recent (Hisense - 55PX), and put up with no specifics about HDR specs, no dolby vision, no known 120hz 1080p mode, and a bunch of other unknowns. But 3 years warrenty and a product that's returnable more reliably.

Wait for the deals on the LG monitors later in the year. And get a B7/B8/C7/C8 etc. when those prices are as low as they can go.

—— Any input would be good. What would you do.



    what tv do you have now?

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    I'd prolly wait for deals on the LG OLEDs. I own an LG C8 and I think having 120hz on the TV is really nice when you're half using it as a PC monitor. I switch the resolution to 4k when watching UHD tv shows/movies but most of the time it's sitting at 1080p 120hz and Windows 10 HDR, so it's good to go if I want to switch from browsing internet to playing games etc.

    One thing I'll say is that if you're using it as a PC monitor and your PC is located further than 2 metres away from the TV, then you're going to have a bad time finding a cable that'll properly have the bandwidth to output 4k 60Hz. I think the solution is getting a fiber optic cable which guarantees that bandwidth for longer range such as 10m+, though they are very expensive for cables. I've tried and returned several 10m cables claiming they will output 4k 60fps but they're always bullshit and cap at 4k 30ffps, even when they are "guaranteed" from stores like Officeowrks or MSY. This is of course a non factor if you're using a Home Theatre PC or the like, because short ranged cables usually run that bandwidth.


    Pick up a few extra shifts and get a C9 because it has HDMI 2.1.


      It's a hell of a lot more though right. Plus from what I understand there is no way for the adaptive sync to function for pc gaming.


        I wouldn't buy OLED for gaming, period.

        Prices for C9 is currently based on RRP whereas the OzBargain staple is the B8 which is one step down and on the way out.

        If historic price trends are anything to go by, the C9 should be about $3.5k around Christmas.

        Just get a solid 27' for gaming and save up for an OLED you're not going to regret. Ie. One that will not have outdated inputs.


          For me oled has been the best for gaming, since games benefit from the contrast the depth and clarity of the image more than movies do. Granted Im playing on my NOTE 9 via nvidia shield streaming, but it's giving me an indication about what games can look like on oled. And it's pretty amazing.


    It depends. How fast can you run?


    OLED as a PC monitor?! Why don't you just throw your money away. Only way to recommend doing that is getting the extended warranty which should cover burn in. If you're gona be using it everyday with a PC expect burn in within 2 weeks and your money down the drain without the warranty!

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