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[Switch] Xenoblade Chronicles 2 $30 @ Target (Wangaratta VIC)


Hey all

Picked this up from Wangaratta target today. Can’t speak for other stores but can’t hurt to check. Was labelled with clearance sticker down from $79

Some other sales I noted were Sonic Forces for $30 and maybe fifa 18 or 19 for $30? I only had a quick look so couldn’t tell of the top of my head. They should all be marked with yellow clearance stickers if in your local store

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  • Absolute marvellous game, I’m up to about 160hrs and still have heaps to do!

    Highly recommended

  • This series is basically what final fantasy should have been after XII.

    • Why so? I didn't like 13, but I think 13s system is much closer to what traditional FF fans wanted than Xenoblade's is.

  • Does target price match if we show them the receipt?


    They.. have (had) XC2?

    I've had a gift card lying around for Target forever, but their website lists essentially no Switch games so I thought they just never sold them. It certainly didn't list XC2.

    I really need to start checking in-store instead of trusting their site, then. Might actually be able to use the card one day. I appreciate this heads up.

    Do many of the stores stock many Switch games, from peoples' experiences? (Besides the less-than-appealing collection listed on their online catalogue.)

  • Oh no. This deal is back. I've been avoiding jrpgs like the plague but I loved the first game. I kinda don't have an excuse to not buy this now.

  • Assuming you can find it in stores. My local Target's don't seem to stock many games these days.

  • I bought the game day one, Dec 1 2017. It is an absolute bargain at this price and IMO is worth every penny at MRSP. I had an absolute blast with Xenoblade 2 clocking over 100 hours within the first week, and continued to play as updates and DLC are released, it is truly one of the most wholesome and beautiful game I have ever played. I preferred XC2 over Octopath and FF series, but again this is just my opinion.

    • Did you even sleep putting 100 hrs in a week?

      • It was certainly not healthy, but I was so immersed into the world that I couldn't stop haha. It was during the holidays though, I probably wouldn't have been able to do that otherwise.

  • Yeah so, I rang wangaratta and it's not on their system, its also not listed on the target.com.au website, maybe it's a bad website but, yeah not looking promising, probably a unicorn not a real deal anyone can just get.

  • It was posted in the deal comments here. If you find stocks it should scan $30

  • Went to parra Target and they don't have it. The customer service said they don't think they stocked it anymore in other shops either.

    Seems like they're trying to phase out these stuff.

  • None in Perth City Target.