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Curash Simply Water Baby Wipes 3x80pk $7.50 @ Woolworths


We have changed from BabyLove wipes to these. They're never dry, are soft and are not stuck together when you pull one out.
Ask for a rain-check if there is none left in store.

Curash™ Babycare Simply Water baby wipes contain 99% water and have been specially formulated for the most sensitive skin. Value Pack 3x80s packs or 240 wipes. 
Curash™ Babycare Simply Water™ Baby Wipes contain 99% water and have a unique irritant free formula that is ideal for newborns. These wipes have been specially formulated for the most sensitive skin. 
Helps Protect Against Nappy Rash 
99% Water for the most Sensitive Skin 
Ideal for Newborns 
Irritant Free 
Dermatologically Tested 
Soap Free 
Alcohol Free & pH Balanced 
Super Thick & Cushion Soft

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    you can buy 80pk of wipes for $2

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    FYI, the Woolies wipes are very similar to the discontinued Red Nose wipes.
    Woolies wipes are our go to ones now. There's also a box of 6 packs for $10 so it brings the price down further.


      I agree, Woolies wipes are the best I've found. I'm honestly a little surprised that the coles/woolies/target/kmart "home brand" wipes are not all exactly the same.

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      I actually found woolies “little ones” wipes to be terrible. Drier and smaller than almost any other baby wipes.


      Which woolies wipes is similar to red nose ones? Is it the "Little Ones" brand?


    cheapest ever for this water wipes

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    same price at amazon with 12% shopback

    Curash Water Baby Wipes Pack of 240 $7.50

    Curash Water Baby Wipes 6X80 PK $15


      I’m pretty sure the amazon ones are made in Taiwan. The Australian ones seem to have a waffled weave and more water.

      I found the ones from Taiwan drier and less effective when wiping up poops. I used to get the stuff from amazon but found I wasted too much time adding more water to each pack. Ymmv

      The woollies ones are Australian.

      Curash Australian made ones seemed to the best for us. We’ve tried dozens of different brands through Asia, South Africa and Europe on our work/travels. Most of the Asian Wipes seem too dry. Not sure why? Either dehydrated in storage or shipping or trying to save weight on shipping.

      Chemist warehouse seems to ship Australian curssh
      Water wipes but the Taiwan fragrance free (pink box)


        We've had the Curash Water Wipes from Amazon and they are exactly the same Aus product found at Woolies and Chemist Warehouse. The pink Curash wipes are a different product

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    Simply water but only 99% water. What's the other 1%?


    Aren't these bad for the environment though?

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      Based on the election results, the majority of Australians don't give a rat's arse about the environment!

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        But I ain't the majority Heck ozbargain is a huge minority if that makes sense.

        Voting this election was like choosing who will stuff up most in your favour lol.

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        majority of Australians don't give a rat's arse about the environment!

        Or their own money.

        Or the economy: voting for The Greens would have meant the privatised electricity scam would be over.

        According to the ACCC's 2018 report the entire economy is faltering because of electricity prices with large and small enterprises no longer being viable because of electricity prices.

        The Greens were the only party doing something about it but the morons would rather go on losing tens of thousands of dollars so foreign corporations become wealthier and our economy keeps slowing down.


    I won't spend more than $2 per pack of 80.
    My last bulk buy was $12.99 for 8x80 curash fragrance free delivered.
    Purchased 5120 wipes and just finished after 10-11months of not buying wipes for two kids.

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    About a year ago when there were on crazy cheap sale at woolies brought a shit ton of these then did some research and found out that there was a Ingrident there was an irretant which was ban in the US.

    We ended up having to use them as hand wipes for myself and my wife when we are out and about and wiping down tables. Ended up going with waterwipes when we’re out and about and making our own wipes for home


    Not sure what's in these things but after seeing how well they clean dried up blood from clothing I wouldn't get it a anywhere near my or a baby's skin. We still buy them but completely rinse before use.


    Get chemist warehouse to beat the price as per policy.
    Currently have them for $12.99


    The chemicals..


    Some people are too precious..though I understand if your baby has skin issues.


      Staying away from chemicals people know nothing about is not precious. Nobody knows the long term implications of all the disinfectants and cleaning/cleansing products people use these days. Nothing wrong with sticking with WATER as much as possible.

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