ASUS TUF FX505DU Your Opinion?


Guys I'm looking for a Budget Laptop and saw this ASUS TUF FX505DU. Do you guys know much about it or would you recommend it?\

Here is the link



    Screen is good - 120hz IPS FHD

    Not sure about CPU / GPU at that price - Not good to me.
    1.7k is within the 2060/1070 + i7-9H territory

    1660Ti mobile pars with 1070 maxQ /slight under 2060 mobile
    2060 mobile is a lot slower than desktop 2060, like 50% hit
    1070 non-maxQ is faster than 2060 mobile
    1070 non-maxQ featured in a few laptop deals posted here previously around 1.8k

    AMD 3750H cpu pars with i5-8300H
    i7-9750H cpu is almost double the performance of that and the last gen i7-8750H often comes coupled in laptop at this price range.

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      This is gaming laptop territory. I dont see too many 2060/1070 and i7 laptops in that price range. Laptop counterparts always do worse than their desktop equivalent. I guess metabox (with a big sale mind you) offers a 2060 for ~1659. BUT that only has 128gb storage, 8gb ram, 60hz screen and windows not installed.


    If the cooling is good on it it'd probably be a good choice. Not sure on its cooling system though.


    You might want to wait for a bit, for two reasons.
    1. Its fairly new. Not many reviews have came out, and there have been a handful of 'first impressions'. Wait till the reviews to help you decide

    1. Sales. I guess maybe not so soon, but sales on ebay are something to look for.

    All in all, looks to be solid for its price. I myself am looking at this.


    With one of the ebay sales, it came down to $1480 ish. Wait for ebay 10% gift card sale and you would save another $150. so effectively getting a $1700 laptop for about $1350.

    I would recommend to wait for eofy sales. Or if you have the patience, wait for the next gen of cpu's to come out (possibly end of July); might have a decent effect on prices.