JB Hi-Fi Warranty Period on $40 HyperX Cloud Headphones

Low value item, but headphones (HyperX Cloud SInger Gaming Headset - $39.50) purchased from JB last year : 22 Nov 2018 suddenly stopped working (except for the microphone)

Anyone know the warranty perdiod before I head off to JB and queue up for hours? :)

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    Shouldn't be an issue, they'll either refund or replace them.

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    Most electronic items would have at least a 12 month warranty. You could have better spent your 5 mins calling any JB Hifi than posting a question online. An answer would be given immediately.


    One year minimum


    wow, hangs head in total embarrassment….I really should have checked the site LOL

    thanks all!

    When our switch had an issue (damn I must be unlucky) they said I made it by a week and wouldnt have to send it off for the manufacturers warranty. Suspect that will happen here as well. TBH I'm surprised a low value item like this has that sort of warranty!

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      A $10 headphone would have warranty…
      Educate yourself on your rights on Accc website.

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        ^This. Far too many people throw stuff out thinking it's cheap so it has no warranty. I return everything that has warranty, no matter how cheap it is. This is partly because I am cheap and partly because I want less throw-away garbage to be produced.

        Not Fit For Purpose shall set ye free :)


    You may be better off contacting HyperX direct.

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    is the sound on? check under the ear muffs for a roller.
    happened to me.


    Usually 12 months minimum so should be fine, but I've found JB a headache to deal with, make sure you have a printed copy of the receipt, they won't take a digital one even if it was sent by them through their website. Also be prepared to be told to wait a while, while they leave you last. Also be careful you have a fair idea of their rules, last time I went in they tried to 'sell' me a replacement at a 'cheap' price saying if I try to send it it will take weeks and weeks before they can fix it.

    I agree with ShortyX above, you never know, it may be easier to contact HyperX direct, but see what your jb is like first i guess.


      they won't take a digital one even if it was sent by them through their website.

      Blatantly illegal.

      Though as per usual with Australia's Consumer "Laws" there is widespread and flagrant illegal behavior by Australia's largest businesses and almost zero enforcement and if that ever happens it's just a cost-of-doing-business fine.

      No reciept is required in any case, just a transaction record.

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