Created Email Signature in Word and Pasted into Outlook, Looks Completely Different in Hotmail

Hi. I created an email signature on Microsoft word using tables for the layout, and added the logo and tiny images for phone, email symbols etc.
also added a picture at the bottom and under it the standard wrong recipient prose.

When I sent it to myself in outlook, it looks fine (microsoft outlook not the website hotmail)

However when I send it to a hotmail, it looks huge and not in alignment and the pictures all over the place etc.

Wondering if anyone knows how to make the signature look the same in hotmail and outlook and gmail etc

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts



  • Try using paint and save as a jpeg. I did a footer a few days ago & it's fine.

    • If the entire signature design is a jpeg then it looks cheap because you cant hyperlink the different sections of the signature.

      • This. JPG signatures look tacky.

        You'll need to use HTML to make sure it is consistent across all providers and emails.

        • whats html, is that like typing code or something?

          • @bigballerbrand: Hypertext markup language.

            It should be an option in outlook 2016 when sending mail messages out.

            From what I gather when you use word you would be sending as RTF (rich text format) which outlook supports but most providers (eg. hotmail/gmail) do not. Almost everyone supports HTML though so if you want consistency try and send it as HTML not RTF.

            • @fishball: I use word to create the table and enter the data into it. Then i just control C to copy it and go to the signature section and control V.

              Is there a way to copy it in HTML not RTF from word?

              • @bigballerbrand: Google says there's some tools online but idk never tried it before

                It would probably break anyway since you have images in there. Just build the signature in outlook.

              • @bigballerbrand: Hey - you don't need to change the signature, when you're sending the email, in the menu up the top, you can change between html, rich text and plain text. Change to html and try and find the default in Outlook options somewhere so you don't have to change each time.

  • Just use text. Images are goofy and take up my mailbox space.

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    Use an email signature template online. Fill up your info, link, social media,.. and save as an html. Just import that file into your mail client and it will look good on all platforms.

  • Try building it with outlook, sometimes copying and pasting it across bring some weird formatting with it, which can be ready fine by outlook but not across to other email providers.

    Otherwise try building it in hotmail/gmail first and then copy that into outlook, that way you know formatting should hopefully be the same and working within hotmail itself.

    Also you may want to be careful with overloading with too much HTML, some email viewers either don't open them well or disable them for security, or only have basic formatting (which may be the problem with the tables), which could be your issue.

    • Someone offered to build it for me in HTML for $20. IF it is in HTML do you think that will guarantee that it will work on all platforms? I am happy to pay someone if it means that it will work and look the same.


    Never use tables for the layout. Tables are for showing the relationship between data, not for spacing. Tables will also make it difficult for people using screen reading software to read whatever you have put in the table.

    • Someone offerred to build it for me in HTML for $20. IF it is in HTML do you think that will guarantee that it will work on all platforms? I am happy to pay someone if it means that it will work and look the same.

      • Wow $20 for simple HTML. I'll undercut the dude by offering $15 ;)


        As far as working on all platforms, the the end user can set their email client to only display plain text, in which case it won't look the same. You can copy your HTML into notepad or paste without formatting into Word to see what it could look like.

        I would recommend sticking to text, with a small image of your logo if you have one. The most important thing is that people will get a clear set of information

    • Never use tables for the layout.

      Correct for web sites, however tables are still king in email design.


        Honestly, that's bad (inaccessible) email design

        • Agree with you - but literally every commercial email with a graphic designed layout is constructed from a table.

          Microsoft Outlook 2007-2013 use the Word rendering engine to display HTML and have little CSS support – because of this tables remain the only consistent way to “design” an email

  • As @Yoo mentioned above, an HTML sig generator is probably easiest, maybe try one of these:

    And for good measure: 10 of the Best Free Email Signature Generators You Need to Use Today

    • Thanks so much.

      Sucks coz I like the signature I created on word. Do you think if I got someone to build it for me on HTML it will work on all platforms?

      • You could, but I'm not sure you need to.

        I don't know what design you have in mind (see The 3 Essential Signature Elements), but email sigs are notoriously difficult to get 100% consistent across platforms. What might look great on Outlook for Windows looks wonky on your receivers' Outlook webmail, Mail on iPhone, Gmail on Firefox — the list of combinations is headache inducing.

        So what many pros do is simplify the design, so when things don't work 100%, it still looks respectable.

        With that in mind, if you wish to have a go at hand-creating a design without online templates, maybe check out The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Custom Email Signature the Right Way

  • Note that what you’re after is a properly constructed HTML file for your $20. Just using "HTML" will not magically fix your problem. You already have HTML it's just that's it really crappy and has been auto-generated from Word/Outlook. Writing the HTML from scratch by someone who knows what they're doing should give you more consistent results.

    When you DIY and “design” your own footer or logo you are intimately involved in the process and you think it looks great – you are The Creator
    Those receiving it may not share the love. Few if any will see it and go wow how cool, that looks amazing and they must be a serious player – more likely they’ll go what’s this distracting crap messing up the end of each email thread.

    Just use one of the templates linked to above – they’re all good enough. Just go simple as possible

  • Yeah, lose the image. I actually hate getting signatures or emails with 10000 embedded pictures, which shows up as separate attachments when I am sifting through to find the one I need…

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