[Unobtainable Deal] US $5 off US $20 Spend on Turkish Women's Fashion @ AliExpress

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Hopefully I got the the time right - starts 20/05/2019 12am PDT.


Mod: Coupon applies to Turkish Women's Fashion only, not sitewide as posted. Deal moved to forums as unobtainable.

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    With the amount of AliExpress deals in combination with the black taped up packages arriving at my office… my postman has been asking questions.

    Really helps to offset the GST at least.

    • Same here. I get couple of parcels every week.

    • just out of curiosity, what do people usually buy from aliexpress?

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        Cables, adapters, Xiaomi stuff.

        Recently I bought a bunch of dolls' house furniture for the Mrs, stationary, usb-c cables…

  • I literally made an order 60 seconds ago for US$21

    edit - starts tomorrow., but still….

  • Well I spent over $100 for the $2 promotion…

    hmm…might get that Xiaomi multitool…

    Is there a reason you link to the Russian Aliexpress?

      • That's the fella - I want to compare it to the myriad of Leathermans that I have accumulated. Plus, might be the base of a cheap, modded multi if I decide I want to try and make a full-size air-travel legal multi :)

        • It looks good, but one of the reviews noted that only the saw has liner lock, and the knife doesn't (which if true, would be super odd).

          I'd also prefer spring-loaded pliers.

          • +1

            @sky blu: Yes, read that - it's so that they can sell it in as many markets as possible as locking blades are illegal in places like the UK and China, which means it would be a great carry for me when I visit the UK.

  • God damn, just spent 20us an hour ago

  • My receive button is grayed out.

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      Starts tomorrow.

  • glad i held out, thanks op

  • I'm new to Aliexpress; How good do you find it, product quality wise? I bought an arduino nfc thing off there as a litmus test (still yet to receive), so I'm not quite sure what to do to not purchase duds.

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      My last 4 orders, 2 were never sent. I got the $ back, of course losing in the AUD->USD->AUD conversion. Main problem is these things take 2 mth to ship, so I wait 2mth, then complain, then search for a new supplier, and hope I get it in 2mth. Nice eh.

      Btw sellers put in fake tracking #. The type that say we can only track until it leaves China, but nothing after. So you get it's sent 1wk after the order, and still have to wait 2mth to complain.

      I only buy when I can't find on ebay.

      • Sounds like you got a dodgy seller. Most sellers ship in 1-3 days, and usually takes 2-3 weeks to get here, even with the cheapest/free shipping option. I actually find most shipping from Aliexpress sellers is quicker than eBay sellers.

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      Friend, aliexpress is just a marketplace so theres indivisual sellers. Out of 70 or so orders i only had issues eith 1 not arriving and that was refunded immediately. Just make sure you get a good seller (check reviews, store age, etc). You find a lot of stuff on ebay is actually just drop shipped from aliexpress.

      Alis dispute center works better than ebays for me.

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      Always check the percentage rating of any given seller (High 96%+ for me only) and I make sure to read all the feedback that is given in that tab, specifically the ones with photos to check the quality myself.

      I've never had an issue.

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      Sort by orders and read some of the reviews. The stuff with the most feedback is more reliable.

  • Does Taobao ship to Australia. Normally everything on Aliexpress is 50-60% cheaper on taobao but that might be a China only thing.

    • How can you even work the site in chn?

    • I'm curious about this too

    • Costs $9.99 shipping per item last time I checked. Not all sellers are willing to ship either.

    • You have to get an agent to ship for you

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      No Taobao is for domestic China. The reason why prices are so much cheaper is because of shipping cost not factored in.

      You have to either ask the seller individually if they will ship it to you, or get it shipped to warehouse in China where all your orders are grouped to one delivery to Australia when you choose.

      Is this cheaper? Depends what you're buying, if the product is low PPG (price per gram) price / weight, then no, but high ppg, e.g. 10 digital cameras is extreme example, then maybe.

      Taobao has a lot better quality and range than Aliexpress too, mostly. Aliexpress is full of shit quality junk and some good things

      • Thank you. Appreciate you explaining this

  • Anyone got a link to the coupon on the english site, can't seem to find it.

  • Could you show the code, Imgur doesn't work for me. Thank you.

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    Still greyed out for me, was it a certain amount of redemptions only?

    • +2

      Another 8 hours before it starts.

      • Ah gotcha, cheers

  • time for some new earphones - thanks OP

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    still greyed out for me

    • Also greyed out for me, and timer says sale has already started (00:00:00).

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    Still nothing

  • Coupon still not active even though it is after 5pm?

  • Got it, but it can only be used on a selection of items

    • Works for women clothing only?

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        It's active. You won't miss much. The coupon can only be used on fashion from Turkey. What a joke.

  • How does this work? I have USD$20 worth of stuff in my cart and cant apply the coupon? It says off Turkish clothing store only on that coupon I clicked on.

    • Disregard. Read the above comments.

  • Turkey Fashion! Does this count as being rickrolled?

  • +3

    What a joke, coupon only valid on women's Turkish fashion. Revoking my plus vote….

  • Can someone help me with applying this voucher please? It's all in Russian and I can't click it.

    Edit: nevermind, OP changed it to $5 off Turkish women's fashion only…greeeeat deal.

    • +1

      Dont lie. We all know your bought $100 USD worth.

      • +1

        I'm sorry, can you speak up please? I'm in a towel.

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