$195 Parking Fine Dispute (Dashcam Footage) Brisbane City Council

I was here

When this occurred -Volume Warning

I didn't want to merge/brake and infuriate traffic behind me trying to squeeze through that intersection.
(The car spaces on the right are very narrow, and there's kids/people/dogs.. it's risky just to gun it across)

So I pulled to the left, indicator on, engine running, waiting for a clear break in the traffic. 30 seconds later, you see Brisbane City Council car drive past and auto-fine me $195 for parking/stopping in a bus zone.

BCC issued me a letter saying they won't withdraw the fine despite the footage.

Do you agree that this sort of auto-robo-fining brings society down?

Should I take this to court?


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    I do understand your concern but i think you should stop and wait on the road to turn right instead of stopping there.

    There is 50% chance to win in court but you need to feel sorry and admit that you are in wrong instead of challenge it, as in the eye of the law you may not be 100% right and this is how the ranger see in his car, but i hate that they are given the power of just keep driving and book people.

    Did they show you any prove?

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    Looks like there's a good reason those bays are aimed at the lane on the other side, pulling a move like you did isn't great…

    Should've gone down the road and flipped it around where it was safe. You would've had to if a bus came up behind you

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    Stopping in a bus zone - Section 183 of Part 12 of the Regulation - penalty: $195 (1.5 units)

    Just dont stop on any Bus zone as simple as that and most likely the court will turn down your case

  • -3 votes

    Did you try to do one of the following - then you might have grounds of appear. IMO after seeing your video, you stopped in a bus lane (yes its tough- I hate road rules - can't wait for self driving cars!)

    -to avoid an obstruction
    -to obey traffic signs operating in the lane
    -to travel a permitted distance—of up to 50m in a bicycle lane or 100m in any other special purpose lane—to
    enter or leave the road
    -move from 1 part of the road to another—such as moving to or from a service road
    -overtake to the left of a vehicle that’s signalling to turn right
    -enter a marked lane from the side of the road.


    • +3 votes

      It's not a bus lane, it's a bus stop/zone, they're 2 completely different parts of the road, so the road rules you've quoted have no bearing on what has happened here

      • -3 votes

        Look at the video at at 0:10s and the arrows of the signs.

        It appears the driver has gone into the bus lane and I would be thinking his entire car is within the bus lane only.


    does the fine you got have photos?

  • +4 votes

    You wouldnt have obstructed people, cos it seems others can drive in a bus lane to pass you if youre turning right


    @1:07 nice view.

  • +7 votes

    Things that brought society down.

    Gauls sacking Rome - 390 BCE

    Mt Vesuvius destroys Pompeii - 79 AD

    Auto-robo-fining in Brisbane City Council - 2019 AD.

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    OP, that is not the way to turn to the right for parking spot (or entering a lane/road/property/etc for similar matter). Stay on the lane, signal right, let other drivers take over you on left hand side.

    From the vid, it looks like you were stopping on bus lane. And what you did is actually more dangerous.

    Don't fight it, you'll lose.

    • +1 vote

      OP's maneuver requires going across 2 lanes in opposite directions. Ie checking blind spot in next lane + oncoming traffic. The proper way would only require checking for oncoming traffic.

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    You stopped in a bus zone, your dash cam footage proves that, you probably have 0% chance of fighting this

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    The ticket is correct. You committed the offence alleged.

    Take it to court and you will be found guilty. Giving the Council the dashcam footage, gave up any other defence you might have put forward.

    At court, you might get a lesser $$ penalty that the ticket value. Or pay it now. Your choice.

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    Feels a bit like getting a $195 fine for going 61 in a 60 zone.
    Yes, I committed the offense.
    Will argue Chewbacca defense.
    If that fails, mabo.
    If that, bikies.

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    This all started because you were unable to plan your drive and get into the correct lane well advance of making your turn. It's this sort of sh!t that infuriates drivers. Why can't you just go around?

    • +3 votes

      Because that would impact them. Most people seem to think impacting the rest of the road users is the better option.

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    Different but similar scenario:

    Heard a funny sound in the engine and pulled to the side to listen carefully
    Happens to be a bus zone
    Vehicle was not in park position and hazard indicator was on for only 30 seconds
    Confirmed no sound in engine
    Exit to park on the other side to investigate more

    Can you still get fined?

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    The only thing I got from the video was wanting to say thanks for actually seeing the motorcyclist and not pulling across in front of them…

    And from the video, you were not at your Google Maps link, but you were rather here. Because, if you were at the place you linked to, you would have done a u-turn over an unbroken line. You were further down…

    Bus zone, marked with signs. Also marked with "special use parking" yellow broken lines. I know your intent was good, but your execution was wrong. You should have indicated to turn and stayed in the lane. It's up to others to go around you or to stop and get butt hurt behind you. If you kept moving forward or rolling, fair call, but you were stopped.

    If you were a bus driver and someone did what you did, wouldn't you want them fined?

    • -1 vote

      I appreciate your well considered reply.
      I admit that I did not make the best decision.

      If you were a bus driver and someone did what you did, wouldn't you want them fined?

      This may seem pythonesque but I didn't feel I had stopped/parked.
      Rather, I was actively manoeuvring my car, waiting for a break, looking out for buses.

      If I were a bus driver and saw an indicating car moving away before I reached the zone, I probably wouldn't care.

  • +2 votes

    This is what happens when motorists are polite.

    BTW Are you from Melbourne? What you just did looks like a hook turn.

  • -1 vote

    It seems when you dispute a fine, BCC auto-robo-reject it.
    The letter they sent isn't human-signed and seems auto-robo-generated.
    YouTube Analytics indicate no one watched the video when the letter was sent.

    "you know we are living in a SOCIETY HERE!!"… george costanza

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    ** Update **

    A BCC human finally looked at the footage and withdrew the fine.

    A119 dashcam just paid for itself twice-over.

    Thanks everyone for weighing in :)

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