How to Build a Wheelbarrow Ramp over Uneven Garden Stairs

Hello Ozb community,

I'm trying to figure out how to build/create a ramp for my wheelbarrow over some uneven stairs i have in my backyard. The steps are spaced non-uniformly, and are also of different heights (some 13cm, some 19cm). Distance between bottom step and top step is 3.1m.
Here's a pic

Because the elevation angle isnt uniform i cant use one long plank of wood or similar.

I found a product which seems perfect (has different height step-ramp options and is v cheap per unit), but its from china on some no-name shop, and postage would take forever. I havent been able to find anything remotely similar and cheap on ebay or amazon or bunnings.

Any advice on how to build/create/buy a ramp for these stairs? Wheelbarrow load would be in the range 50kg or a bit more, probably.



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    Dirt or gravel


    Best thing I got for a similar situation was cheap loading ramps for trailers. eg

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    Let the weeds continue to grow, they will eventually even it out.


    Any ramp for a wheelbarrow will have to run down the middle (or close to) of the stairway and it's not going to be fun pushing a 50Kg wheelbarrow up or down an uneven stairway whilst straddling a ramp.

    EDIT: Just saw the photo, the situation is not as steep as I was imagining… as others have suggested, a bit of dirt or if you're after a permanent solution a bit of concrete will do the trick.

    Just throwing it out there as a potential option but what about converting the wheelbarrow wheel to one of those stair climbing triplet arrangements that they have on Sack Trucks?
    Or even modifying a stair climbing sack truck to carry a loaded wheelbarrow!
    Then no mods to stairs are required and you can take a break halfway up the stairs with less stress about maintaining the position of the load on a 3m ramp.

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    Build 2 ramps, one for each step….

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    looked that ur pic but was more interested in the next pic

    maybe message this dog to help u carry the wheelbarrow


    Figure out the heights / lengths needed and get some dense polystyrene cut like the red plastic things?


    The ramp doesn’t have to be perfectly smooth. You could just lay timber in sections. Start at the top, then overlap the next section down the hill on top and screw/nail etc. the small ‘steps’ will help both slow you down going down and provide a small ledge to rest on the way up. Use treated pine.


    Thanks for all the advice guys. Going to try a few things. Timber planks, dirt, and maybe some car wheel chocks also, they happen to be the right shape for the steps.

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