How Does Data Banking for Belong Work?

Just wondering if anyone using Belong can give me a bit of advice about their experience?

I'm consider joining them because I like their data banking and data sharing policy.

So I'm thinking of moving both my wife and I to it. We both probably use about 2-5 GBs a month. Some month more, some month less.

I'm thinking one of us will go on the $40 plan with 30GBs and get build up tons of data. The other person will get the $10 plan which only has 1 GB.

Then we'll gift each other the data as required.

Once we have enough of a buffer, we'll both just go on the $10 plan until we're low on data again and then move to the $40 plan for a month or two.

I'm reading their conditions on their website - it doesn't say anything about losing your data if you move between plans and you seem to be able to move data across accounts really easily.

Can someone that's with Belong confirm this is the case?

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    Yep you don't lose data by going up or down plans, and you can do exactly as you said

    However if you want to save more money I would advise buying a few half price $40 packs, activate them using your own referral codes and PayPal as payment method, gift the data to yourselves and cancel them & also cancel the PayPal authorisation. This way you will get extra credit with the referral codes and the extra data is cheaper. You can just put yourselves on the $10 plan from the beginning. You can do this again in a couple of months if you get low on data. You can only have your referral code used a certain number of times, if you ever get to the limit you can be kind and use other ozbargain members' referral codes - you won't get the credit anymore but you can still use half price sims for the extra credit.

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    I'd suggest doing what Quantumcat suggested and buy 2 half price $40 packs. Use a referral from one of the Belong threads on ozBargain and you'll get credit, then do the second account using your own referral and you'll both get credit. Both of you go on the $10 plan and buy some data from this member, you can get 70 gig off him for $15, that way you'll both be way ahead with data and you might be able to stay on the $10 for for quite a while. Also don't forget to add your referral on ozBargain so that hopefully you can get some credit of another member using the referral system.


    I did this with my wife a while ago when they had a double data bonus. Managed to bank about 200gb between us in little time. Now both dropped down onto the $10 plan. Its worked well and saved us. Coverage in City is pretty good, country can be hit and miss.