China Airlines Damaged Luggage

China Airlines damaged my aunty's check in luggage, purchase price over $400.

It's a hard suitcase and won't be covered by manufacturer's warranty policy and they are unable to repair the crack. The suitcase is no longer usable due to sharp edges of the crack. It was only her 3rd or 4th time using it and was in good condition.

She has pictures of the case showing no damage prior to check in, and came out damaged at baggage collection.

She made two complaints to the airline, they offered $50 after the first complaint and $70 after the second one.

2nd response from airline:
China Airlines will not be reimbursing you the full cost of your suitcase. As the bag was purchased in 2017, its value depreciates thru both time and use.

It is for that reason that the final settlement offer being made by China Airlines will be in the amount of $70AUD and they will not review the matter beyond this point.

Are they liable for the damage? It looks to me like the airline admits the fault but is not willing to pay adequate amount for the suitcase.

Would the amount be considered reasonable?

If not would there be any further measure my aunty could take?

Thanks in advance for any opinions/advice.

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    Travel insurance?
    Is your aunt a frequent flyer with China Airlines (sometimes that helps).

    I would probably take the final offer and buy a lower valued replacement. Buying one for $400 obviously doesn't guarantee it won't get damaged.

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    Nothing stops you from putting a claim to them, I'd try $100 and move on. It's time consuming and costly to go further.

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    You would of thought $400 worth of luggage would be bullet proof! Am I then only one who finds it strange that your aunty took pics of the luggage before check in?
    I'd personally accept. It wouldnt be worth a long battle (thats assuming you dont need legal help to take it further), plus it is a fair call that its now worth less in 2019. Although of course something like $150-200 would be fairer


      I can see what you're pointing out but it's just that she took many pictures of herself and her family at the airport and her luggage showed in some of the pictures. If this was an insurance scam, you'd think she would have bought insurance beforehand, lol

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    Surprised they're willing to offer any compensation at all. I'm pretty sure their condition of carriage would be to get the item from point A to B "without responsibility for loss or damage" same as a postal service.


      Under the Montreal Convention, a carrier is liable if your checked baggage is lost, delayed or damaged regardless of fault.

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    You’re kidding?? What rascals!

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    Travel Insurance.


    Thanks for your replies, unfortunately she did not buy travel insurance. I think she might do next time she travels with n expensive suitcase. But I want to help her deal with what happened already.
    Not worth the time and effort, maybe that's true but that is not an issue for me, whatever process I would need to go through, I consider it a valuable experience - I wouldn't want to become a law student to resolve this problem though :P hence writing here to get advise from knowledgeable folks here :)


      Thanks for your replies, unfortunately, she did not buy travel insurance. I think she might do next time she travels with n expensive suitcase.

      She should consider herself lucky it wasn't stolen or lost.

      I think $70 is an unreasonable offer but there isn't much else she can do…

      It's a hard suitcase and won't be covered by manufacturer's warranty policy and they are unable to repair the crack.

      Has she spoken to the manufacturer


    Lucky, I complained at the time at the airport when SA airlines broke my luggage zip. They gave me a number to call and put in a claim, the best they would offer was to fix it if I brought the item back to Johannesburg!!!

    The reality is unless you're a frequent traveller with them they lose next to nothing by screwing you over and there's little you can do about it.


    This is what travel insurance is for……..

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    Hardshell is asking for trouble.


    Luggage is designed to protect the contents. Sadly alot of luggage is overpriced and it's luck of the draw. MAYBE covered under home and contents (but I doubt it) not to mention that claiming probably wouldn't be worth it. I'd be emailing the manufacturer and asking for a replacement discount as goodwill. Not free but not RRP either…

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    repair it and move on.

    I've used liquid nails and 2mm plastic board to repair cracks in 2 of my hard cases. works fine. ( repair from the inside)

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