New Car - Max Budget 21k

Hi All,

I recently moved to Australia and I am based out of Sydney.

I am looking for a new car with a Max Budget of 21k. I have a small family - me my wife and a 2 year old.

The car i used to drive in my country was a Hyundai Elantra.

Please can someone suggest which car should I go for?

Many Thanks,


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    Anything toyota


    Start with something like this
    then short list your choice. Not that hard :)

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    Thanks crashloaded and boomramada.

    I have the Mazda 3 in mind. Whats your suggestion.

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    Buy a demo/new new (<2 years old). More choice in your budget & heaps of warranty still left with most brands

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    Kia Cerato

    $5k cheaper than corolla

    More boot space than corolla (fit prams with ease)

    Features in base model that corolla doesn't have eg more parking sensors, Apple carplay and Android auto

    Other features that I'm not sure the base model corolla has eg steering assist, lane divergence warning, auto headlights, auto braking, isofix for car seats, digital radio

    Longer warranty period and capped price servicing

    Second hand corolla can sell for more than second hand cerato but if you are paying a few thousand more you'd hope so, plus needs to sell for more thousands still, and then you're also missing out on the extra features you'd get on the kia for the time you are driving it


    i would recommend a Honda Civic, it's what we bought after looking at a Corolla and Mazda 3. You can buy a 2019 plated demo for about $21,000 and it has a great warranty 7 years and 7 years roadside assistance. Also it's cheap to maintain. No timing belt and only major service is spark plugs at I think at 100,000 km. The shape is not for everyone (i liked the Mazda more) but we went for the hatch (got 2 kids seats in the back) and really love it.

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    2yo Camry

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    no a honda. they are expensive to service
    maybe a VW


    Thank you Guys - I have made up my mind

    Kia Cerato

    Honda Civic or City

    Hyundai Elantra.

    Help me narrow down and help me on my negotiation while speaking to the dealer.

    Should i staright away knock off 10% from the drive away offer or can i squeeze more.


      Don't get a Honda City, they will be too small for you. Look at a Honda Jazz. It's the same car but a hatchback, it has lots and lots of room and very cheap, even new, with a long warranty.


    4 Toyota Camrys…

    Oh, ok, I pick the Cerato. And start off at 25% off, so they know you play hard and mean business…


    Knowing what I know about cars? I'd grab something 2-3-4 years old that's had the purchase price depreciated 50%. Just find the right private seller, inspect it properly and you are laughing. $40-50k is the sweet spot I find for new cars and then once depreciated…


    A growing family. Used RAV4.


    Mazda CX-3. I have one myself and they are a great mini SUV, zippy, has the current tech you need

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