Beware Fake Samsung Galaxy S10+ with Real IMEI Numbers

Hi All,

Just wanted to warn you all of fake Galaxy S10+ being sold on the internet. Mainly Facebook Marketplace & Gumtree.

The boxes that these phone come in look very legit and they even have legitimate IMEI numbers on them.

Some tips on how to avoid being scammed:

  1. If the price is too good, then there is a high change it is fake
  2. Ask for the sellers mobile number
  3. Ask for a photo of the phone next to their drivers licence. A scammer will know you are on to them and stop replying.
  4. If you meet up with the seller, before handing over your money, ask to open the phone and check the serial number. This can be found in the settings. Fakes will usually display 123456789ABCDE.
  5. Camera on fakes are usually horrible

Hope this helps someone out there


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    always buy such high value items from the reputed retailer for peace of mind.
    peace of mind is better than a bargain!!!


    The Fake Samsung S10 Plus:

    Goophone had been selling identical fakes at least for a decade, so no surprises with the S10.


      That's crazy it openly says it's showing specs it doesn't have


        I checked out a goophone apple 7 when I was in KL a few years ago. it felt real, it looked real, the scrolling etc was smooth. but the phone was a fake.

        I saw on the interweb that a guy had been charged by police for selling a goophone as a S10.


        At least they are being honest about the fake specs - so you can make an educated fake smartphone purchase!

        It gets even more amusing, Goophones released the iphone 6 and 5s even beofore Apple did:


        What's even more horrifying is the absolutely terrible specifications it has and how much it would potentially sell for to a person who knows nothing about technology:

        Quad core
        720p display
        1GB RAM (programmed to show 4GB of RAM to the user)
        8GB internal storage
        modem doesn't work on LTE networks
        the teeny tiny 2100mah battery that's probably not even a new battery, but something ripped out of a reject.

        imagine buying a s10 Plus for $1000, unboxing it and then finding out you have one of these pieces of junk :(


      The Fake Samsung S10 Plus:

      The listing is for a genuine Goophone S10 Plus.


    I'm surprised it has taken this long.

    Fake S8's appeared very quickly after release.


    Yeah got bitten once for s6 or s7. From eBay. But can tell from the box right away. Poor quality. The seller said he didn't aware. Wtf. Lucky eBay refunded fully.

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    1. Ask for a photo of the phone next to their drivers licence. A scammer will know you are on to them and stop replying.

    A genuine seller will also stop replying. Why you need to see my ID, are you a scammer

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    They are easy to tell if you know what to look for.
    1) Ask the seller if this is Aussie stock
    2) If it is then the back should have the ACA tick
    3) If not, don't buy it. You get no warranty from Samsung even if it's legit

    source: I own a phone shop :)