Kilimanjaro climb

Hi all. Can you recommend a company to use to go to Kilimanjaro? Is budget up to $2500 (exclusive gear and tickets) will be enough?

I'm looking to go sometime in August/September.


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    I have no useful info to provide but I am jealous!

    Have you done any high altitude trekking before?

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    I used these guys a few years ago and they were great! I did the Marangu (Coca Cola) Route

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    We went through Ultimate Kilimanjaro about 3 years ago

    Were really good and can recommend.

    Few things regarding altitude (now I have been above 5,000 m several times).

    1) Go slow. Trying to rush going to the summit is likely to result in you getting AMS. General rule is no more than 300 m to 500 m gain per day. For Kilimanjaro I recommend minimum of 7-8 days if you want a decent chance of success.
    2) Stay hydrated. You will need to drink more water than normal if you are at altitude due to the low humidity (more so if you are taking Diamox). If you get dehydrated AMS will hit you hard.
    3) Bring plenty of cold weather gear for the summit day. Was -20c the day we summitted.


      Good tips! Where have you been above 5000m out of interest?


        Elbrus, last year



        Hikes I have done at altitude are:
        Kilimanjaro (5,900 m)
        Everest Base Camp (5,300 m)
        Iztaccihuatl (5,200 m)
        Inca Trail (4,300 m)

        Haven't done any proper mountain climbing (i.e. ropes, ice pick, etc). After being invited into a camp at Everest Base Camp and seeing a guy get helicoptered out of Camp 2 im not sure I am that keen :)


          Nice dude that’s awesome! Any future trips planned?

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            @Heracles26: Tour du Mont Blanc is on the list. Hopefully next year.

            Can highly recommend Torres Del Paine and Fitz Roy as well (hiking that is, not much altitude). Patagonia is probably my favourite trip so far.


      General rule is no more than 300 m to 500 m gain per day.

      Although summit night/day is 1000m in one go.

      Was -20c the day we summitted.

      That must've been unseasonally cold. Windchill?

      I summitted without a down jacket (but with 5-6 layers) it was probably -5c or so.


        Should have clarified that the 300 m to 500 m is change in sleeping elevation. You should do "bonus hikes" where you trek higher during the day and sleep low (painful on kili as the only way to do this is generally to go past camp - not what you want after hiking for 5-7 hours). You are right that summit day is brutal (about 1250 m as base camp is at ~4,650 m).

        Was there in December which I think is their cool/wet season (don't quote me on that). Felt the coldest I have ever been in my life (and have been sub -30 in Canada and Norway). had about 4-5 layers on including ski jacket. Summit day was cloudy and occasionally snowed. The day before summit day was clear nice day, so was the day after summit day. Photos from the top were dismal as the visibility was about 50 m.

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