Adblue Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Hi All
Some of the new diesel cars come with a separate Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) tank.
Several commercial DEF products are available, AdBlue being the most popular brand (ISO 22241)
I found a 10 lit container at Woolies Caltex for $40 which is significantly cheaper than what any dealership sells it for
However, some Metro stations have an AdBlue pump and sell it for 60 cents a litre. All you need is to bring in your own HDPE container


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    Sooooo… This is a question or a statement?

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    Cool story bro.

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    I have a cookie!

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    Just pee in the tank.

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      Here's my exhaust fluid!

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      UREAlly wouldn't believe it but that works.

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      Wouldn’t that be AdYellow?

  • What's blinker fluid worth a litre? My mechanic charges a fortune for the stuff.