Booking website for Long term parking at Mel Airport

Hello there,

I was looking for parking for a month at Melbourne Airport. I was comparing prices at different places and came across this website,

Just wanted to make sure that this is a legitimate website and if anyone has used this to book with the parking company.

I am just being cautious and would love to hear any feedback.

Thanks in advance !

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  • Looks ok to me, but I wouldn't use it primarily as it doesn't include all the operators.

    • I would reconsider my need to park near the airport for a month, and review the other options to get to the airport, and home, a month later. Add this info to the parking option comparisons.
    • I would define what I need, such as parking inside / under cover / outside, security, transport to the airport, ancillary services (wash/clean) etc.
    • I would do a quick comparison and make a decision. There are not too many operators and if you ask on here for recommendations (after you have listed your specific needs) you will get some good leads.
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    If you want a very Ozbargain way of parking at/near the airport I have an option for you…

    Find a park in the streets of Essendon (there are heaps of places available), i'd suggest choosing a street with nice houses..
    Uber to the airport - $20
    Uber from the airport - $25-$30

    Obviously you can choose suburbs that are closer to the airport if you want and it will be cheaper… but I feel like Essendon is probably the best balance between 'cheap enough to Uber' and 'will probably come back to a car'.

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    If you're a RACV member, you can get discounted parking here:

    • RACV has good rates specially indoor parking.

  • I have used this website in April. They are legit and got good rates. They normally have a 15% off discount code as well that you can use. Subscribe and you should receive one. else lemme know.

  • Thanks for the replies fellow ozbargain members. Although rambutann's post sounds awesome, I will go with a regular airport parking provider.

    My issue is this. I like in LARA and taxi/Uber price both ways would be over 150$. I have another option of using a shuttle service from Geelong to Airport but we are a family of 4 and it would come up to the same price plus the effort to move all the luggage etc.

    Its 27 days parking and when I checked on that website I mentioned above, the price range was $ 160 - $ 210. Example, Jetaway has for $ 162, Firstchoise parking for $ 160, Runway parking for $ 160 etc.

    I am looking for outdoor parking as this is cheaper and would be great if anyone can provide feedback on your past bookings.

    Thanks everyone for the replies.

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    Cheapest using RACV for 27 days appears to be Easy Airport Parking

    Ticket Type
    Easy airport parking (outdoor) Valet

    This is the closest carpark to Melbourne Airport, making for a quick and stress-free shuttle bus ride to the terminal. Indoor and outdoor parking options available.
    Located at 157 Mickleham Rd (corner of Mickleham Rd and Tullamarine Freeway) just 5 minutes in the shuttle to the Melbourne Domestic and International terminals.


    RACV Member

    • cool thanks man …. appreciate your help.

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    I have used easy airport parking a couple of times in the last 2 months I paid for undercover parking had no problems with them just make sure you grab a card with their phone number so you can ring them when you return I booked through the racv

  • I recently parked at Melbourne airport long term parking. outdoors, has free shuttle bus to/from terminal.. cost $262 for 34 days.

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