How to Force Sagemcom Static IP Addresses

Relatives have moved to Optus NBN due to migration incentive. The modem-router they provide is a Sagemcom F@ST 3864v3 HP. The dynamic IP addresses is causing problems for connections such as NAS drives. Apart from entering the MAC/IP address of each connection in the settings, is there a faster way to force static IP addresses - it might save me having to go out and do it for the relative? Do other (ISP supplied) modem-routers have the same problem?


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    You either assign the IP addresses by MAC Address on the router or assign static IP address on the device that is not part of the DHCP IP address pool. Depending on which one you think is easier. There is no faster way.


    There are, but they might be better suited getting a better router. You don't need the Sagemcom on NBN, because the Arriss modem is the actual connection, the Sagemcom is literally just for DHCP/routing.

    I'd recommend a Ubiquiti USG if they want configurability (but it's more of a pro-level product and doesn't have built in WiFi AP), or a Ubiquiti Amplifi system if they want something simple that's plug and play, but still very powerful.


      You still need VDSL compatibility to negotiate the connection on OPTUS FTTN. If Optus supplied them the Sagemcom F@ST 3864v3, then they're using FTTN. Personally I replaced the Optus junk with a Vigor2860AC.

      Cable/FTTP is different so users can use their own router only devices.


        Ahh sorry, heard "Optus NBN" and assumed HFC. Recommendation still stands then and just set the Sagemcom in bridge mode :)


    I suppose a faster way would be entering the static IPs telepathically