Please help me organise my photos

I have about 3 years worth of photos on my phone that I would like to delete to free up space. I started to transfer them a few at a time into ‘google drive’ and then deleting them off phone (don’t laugh) but this was taking hours. In trying to find an easier and faster I found ‘google photos’ and having a look in there it would seem everything is already backed up including photos I had long since deleted.
As you can see I am seriously technologically challenged so my question is what to do next?
Do I just work in google photos and organise / delete in there? Are they the same quality as the photos on my phone as I would like to print them out / do photo books so they need the the best resolution. When I look at the details the resolution pix seem to match but the mb in google photos seem to be very slightly lower. Looking at the settings I think I have been backing up in high quality when I should have been in in original upload size.
Can I then just delete all my photos off the phone ?
Also, I am sometimes a tad disappointed in the quality of the photos once I have printed them, photos that look bright and clear on my phone always seem to be less defined when printed (6 x 4 so nothing too enlarged) Is there anyway of sharpening photos before printing?
Any help appreciated.


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    probably easier to use google photos on your desktop/laptop to organise it but google photos has 2 storage options, FREE and PAID. read all about it here

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    Most photos should look fine at 6x4 which is pretty small. Photos aren't backlit though, unfortunately it's a bit of a dark art to achieve uniform brightness and contrast across different photos. but 6x4 photos are cheap tp print at bigw and the like.


    Thanks for the responses, I have just discovered that my camera was set to low resolution so no wonder printed photos weren't the best. The backlight from the phone does make them look much better, I have been getting my prints done at Harvey Norman who I think use the same lab as Big W but I will try somewhere else I think.
    I brought a chromebook from Amazon (via an ozbargain deal) which had a lot of free google storage attached to it but think this was might of been for two years. I am only using about 15% of allocated space and will be going through and deleting a lot.
    It seems like a mission to get it all organised as I have left it 3 years but want to get on top of it. I have just ordered a photobook so hopefully the photos will look good enough in it.


    Google photos, google photos, google photos, google photos…. decide on how important original quality is and you will soon know whether paid vs free option works for you.


    I know Google Photos is the keen option (I also use it). But I worry about the day that I have to move from them. Between them and a maxed out Dropbox I have about 10 years worth of photos on there. I feel like I should consolidate to both an online (paid) and offline (backup hdd) option. But it feels like it'll be a massive job! Probably need to wait until I get my NBN 100/40 plan!

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      I feel like I should consolidate to both an online (paid) and offline (backup hdd) option.

      You should. One backup is no backup.

      You should have three copies:

      1. Live copy
      2. Non-live backup
      3. Off-site backup

    In regards to Google Photos free vs paid - you get 15GB (I think?) of storage free (for your entire Google account), which you're able to use almost solely for Photos. Paid starts at $2.50 per month for 100GB total (so 85GB extra).


    Backup to a pc
    Backup to a portable hard drive
    Use google photos at high res as your final backup , using the wifi backup option , this will give you a third backup option on a daily basis until you do your other backups on a regular basis

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