Do Business Class Flights Go on Sale Often?

Hi everyone,
I'm sure I'm going to get slightly roasted for this question, however I was wondering if you know whether business class flights go on sale often? If so, when is the best time to book?

Some info if it helps:
- This is for our wedding/honeymoon and is the reason we'd like to fly business.
- I've got some medical issues that make flying in economy difficult, especially for flights longer than an hour.
- We're looking at flying from Sydney into New Zealand (Queesntown on 27 November) and looking at flying out from either Queenstown or Christchurch to Denpasar on the 4th or 5th of December and then back to Sydney again on the 15th or 16th of December.



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    Sign up for a credit card with bonus points and use them to redeem business class flights.


    For those routes, sometimes LATAM has business class fares on sale from Sydney to Auckland for $299 one way, you would then need to get to Queenstown though.

    AirAsia has pretty affordable business class, you could use it for NZ to Bali and then Bali to Sydney. It's nothing special but the flatbeds are worth it.

    Consider premium economy or just getting an extra legroom seat to reduce the cost.

    For those dates you are approaching high season so it will probably be harder to find a good deal.

    Business class is the moneymaker for airlines so the fares rarely go on sale -

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    There tends to be more round the world offers than returns for business class.


    Tip for the SYD-ZQN flight - there's a sweet spot in Etihad's reward chart so look at transferring warehoused CC points to Etihad, or even buying Etihad points outright. You can then nab a VA business class seat for $500 even after buying points at full price (less still for discounted points). Same flight is $855 on VA's website.

    You may (if you're really lucky) be able to wrangle some decent value out of Singapore Air (Star Alliance) rewards too, for the ZQN-DPS leg you want.

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    I did Latam SYD-AKL business class on the 18 Apr. The fare was ~$500 which was ~$100 more than the economy ticket

    Service was disappointing. They didn't serve drinks for an hour. Flight attendants were so absent it reminded me of a Qantas flight from the '90s.

    Despite taking off on time, we arrived in AKL late, which then stuffed up my connection to Tauranga which I'd booked separately as LATAM didn't recognise TRG as a destination. A later flight on the standby list cost me another $100.

    If I was going to Queenstown I'd take the direct flight rather than lose 2-3 hours connecting at another airport.


    Thanks all for your responses! I've had a look at the Webjet link and that looks pretty good.

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