expired [PC] Steam - Sid Meier’s Civilization VI Gold Edition - $34.93 @ Green Man Gaming


This is the cheapest price ever for this. Note that this includes everything up to the new gathering storm expansion, which is not included.

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    What a bargain.
    How much is it on Nintendo Switch?


    If only Switch had it at this price :(


    Good to see that it is finally dropping down.

    No time pressure for me I will honestly probably wait years until I get around to playing this.


    This is the cheapest price ever for this

    EB Games has this for $4….but goodluck finding any store that still has one left to buy off……


      Not the same version. Besides, you said it yourself. There's no stock.
      I have checked EBGames at every sale since, I've never seen it in stock. It was most likely a pricing error.


        OH sorry, I'm an idiot, your listing for Gold Edition, EB Games has the Deluxe Edition and the 25th Anniversary Edition which are two completely different items compared to the Gold Edition.

        I take back my comment!


          I don't know if you're being sarcastic but it does indeed make a difference because these strategy games are (sadly) locked behind expansions. If you manage to snag a copy for $4, get one for me too.

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            @Lolno234: No I meant that I am an idiot for even commenting (incorrectly) since I mentioned an incorrect equivalent over at EB which I thought was the same as the Gold Edition which apparently isn't, or at least the name isn't….


    Great price. Thanks

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    After seeing the reviews on Gathering Storms, I'm not sure I want to replay Civ VI without it, seems awesome. I think I'll wait till a total bundle comes out though.

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    Yep already have base game and fair number of DLC.. will wait for good price on expansions

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