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[PC] Steam - Sid Meier’s Civilization VI Gold Edition - $34.93 @ Green Man Gaming


This is the cheapest price ever for this. Note that this includes everything up to the new gathering storm expansion, which is not included.

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  • What a bargain.
    How much is it on Nintendo Switch?

  • If only Switch had it at this price :(

  • Good to see that it is finally dropping down.

    No time pressure for me I will honestly probably wait years until I get around to playing this.

  • This is the cheapest price ever for this

    EB Games has this for $4….but goodluck finding any store that still has one left to buy off……

    • Not the same version. Besides, you said it yourself. There's no stock.
      I have checked EBGames at every sale since, I've never seen it in stock. It was most likely a pricing error.

      • OH sorry, I'm an idiot, your listing for Gold Edition, EB Games has the Deluxe Edition and the 25th Anniversary Edition which are two completely different items compared to the Gold Edition.

        I take back my comment!

        • I don't know if you're being sarcastic but it does indeed make a difference because these strategy games are (sadly) locked behind expansions. If you manage to snag a copy for $4, get one for me too.

          • @Lolno234: No I meant that I am an idiot for even commenting (incorrectly) since I mentioned an incorrect equivalent over at EB which I thought was the same as the Gold Edition which apparently isn't, or at least the name isn't….

  • Great price. Thanks

  • After seeing the reviews on Gathering Storms, I'm not sure I want to replay Civ VI without it, seems awesome. I think I'll wait till a total bundle comes out though.

  • Yep already have base game and fair number of DLC.. will wait for good price on expansions

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