TP-Link HS100 Vs HS110 - Which to Get?

Which one works with Google Home and IFTTT?

It seems that HS110 doesn't work with IFTTT?


  • The only difference between them is the HS110 can measure power as well.

    • Yep, they are identical other than this feature. I bought an HS110 recently as I Wanted the energy monitoring feature, which in most cases is pointless. I was just curious about the power usage of the appliance I was using it for.

      • couldn't care less about energy monitoring feature; i approve with what you stated which in most cases is pointless.

    • Yes, so both cannot be controlled via IFTTT?


    First hit when searching "HS100 ifttt"

    Any TP Link device works with Kasa, and Kasa works with Google assistant and ifttt.

    Cmon OP just try at least a little bit to find an answer

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