Woolworths Mobile Video MMS

I have just gotten a new phone and moved to Woolworths mobile.

I haven't really tried to send a video MMS previously, as old phone probably was not up to task, but have found I can not send these on the new phone.

After some back & forth enquiries, I have just found out that I cannot send a video MMS without buying an additional international data pack, and then paying 57c per VMMS using this pack.

I havent had much to do with video MMS's in the past, but until now just assumed these worked the same as any other MMS.

Is having to pay extra for VMMS something that is common place amongst all carriers?

Would appreciate feedback.

(BTW, the VMMS i tried to send was to an Australian number. I am a little confused as to why an international data pack needs to be purchased).

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