New tablet recommendations

My Galaxy S2 10.1" 4G, 64GB tablet has just died due what is probably a motherboard failure, so am looking for a replacement.

Essentials are
10" screen or thereabouts
32GB or more RAM
SCHC slot

It is used mainly for internet, playing movies (not streaming), nonrealtime games (Art of Conquest is the only "live" game). 4G is good, but by no means essential.

I would prefer an Australian seller, mainly for short delivery time.

The new Samsung Tab A looks promising for around $300 ( shop). What else should I look seriously at? Budget could be up to $500 for the right bargain.


  • I'd probably just buy one that meets your requirements tbh.

  • Tab S3? Otherwise just get the Tab A

  • google/youtube the problem with your existing tablet and buy the necessary tools to pop it open and fix it.

  • I don't think there is any tablets that have 32GB RAM

  • I bought used Surfare Pro 4 from CEX with 2 year warranty for $500. I won't go back using tablet again.

  • Try find a Huawei Mediapad M3 or Asus Zenpad 3S on gumtree.

    I know the Huawei Ban is really annoying atm but those are both great tablets as they both have 1080p and 4GB of ram among other great things.

    They are about 2-3 years old now and you should hopefully be able to get one second hand around $300 AUD if you are lucky.

    Still using my Huawei Mediapad M3 8.0 Wifi only version since 2017 February.. but I keep mine in very good condition besides constantly charging the battery which is probably my only and first fail safe point of failure imho.