Where Can I Purchase a Quality Lounge Suite in Victoria (Ideally in Geelong/Ballarat/Melbourne)

After having a horrible experience with horrible franchisees at a Harvey Norman store with our faulty lounge suite, we are looking to purchase a new lounge suite. I am hesitant about buying a new lounge suite though Harvey Norman again, but they seem to be the only retailer that have lounges that meet our requirements. Nearly every other retailers we have been to, we have found their couches to be too low to the floor, narrow or just not appealing at all. Other retailers we've visited, sell lounges that are shoddily made or, doesn't come in the colour of our liking (who the hell want a grey lounge).

We are looking at a 3-piece fabric lounge suite (two chairs and a three-seater couch). I want to avoid any couch that has the recliners built-in (the chair can have recliners built-in). Since my current lounge has the recliner built in and, it has become uncomfortable to sit on. Not to mention the frame has needed to be repaired, and the foam has degraded significantly.

Another issue that my lounge has is that the foam has no type of dacron wrapping at all. The foam is just bare, which is one of the main reasons our four-year-old lounge has started to sag badly.

Our requirements are

• Must be well built and can last for a reasonable amount of time.
• Must be fabric or a hybrid of fabric and leather.
• Must come in the colour of our liking (e.g. Beige, Light Brown).
• Ideally Australia Made
• Ideally no recliners built-in on the couch (the chairs can have recliners)
• No silly prices (i.e. Roth Newton wanted $6500 for a simple lounge suite!)
• Must come with a decent warranty.
• The foam must be wrapped in Dacron.
• The couch should be around 210cm-220cm wide x 100cm high x 100cm depth in size. The chair should be approximately 100cm wide x 100cm high x 100cm depth in size.

Here are some lounge suite that we have liked for your reference





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    Must be well built and can last for 15 or more years.

    You pay for quality. You can try King furniture, it's quality, Australian made and not cheap.


      Will sus them out, thanks!


      recommend king too
      delta storage is great
      I got the leather verison, and 7 years and it's like brand new still

      pricey but worth it

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      Just to add to this, King furniture is not Australian made. They're made in China and shipped back over here. Don't get me wrong, I bought a king furniture lounge suite in 2007 and it's still going strong in my old apartment and I've bought another lounge suite for my new apartment a year ago and I'm more than pleased with it, just that they're NOT Australian made. Whatever you order will take 8-12 weeks for them to make it in China and ship it over.


      I would also happily recommend King Furniture.

      But, would recommend keeping an eye out for their very frequent sales.

      And like clockwork:

      Still expensive, but, in my experience, very long lasting. Our King Delta lounge has survived two kids and our pets.

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        Yes. They have sales for every season so if you miss out on one sale, just wait a month or two before the next one starts. Never pay full price for them, always wait for a sale, they come so often, the sale prices might as well be the RRP


    Why does it have to last 15 years?


      15 years is maybe an over-exaggeration but I'm looking for something that wont fall apart in like 2-4 years.

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    my brother bought 2 leather couches (pretty much brand new) off ebay for like $100 each ~9 years ago. still going strong with young kids and regular usage.

    are you up for near new?

    otherwise Focus On Furniture is going out of business. they have some nice stuff. I checked out their north lakes store this evening and they had 50% off floor stock- which is the same for all stores apparently. some really nice furniture. they had a gorgeous leather 3 seater couch for $1800 which I can't justify at this point. but it was awesome.

    nick scali is decent. I bought a couch off them 8 years ago and it's going great.

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    If you're looking in Geelong and you want quality, try Banksia.
    Locally made and very high quality lounges.



    Not a big fan of King as the other posters. Purchased 2 two-seater lounges with power recliners in 2015. Have been looked after but haven't lasted - cushions are now very soft & lost their shape & can't be easily reupholstered as they are actually built into the sofa. Wouldn't buy again as they are too expensive for what you get…but their marketing is very good😏


      I would get some type of money back if I was you. Speak to the store or head office about your situation. If they don't comply complain to consumer affairs or the apply to the small claim tribunal.

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