Optus Blocking Port to Telstra


I’ve been trying to port from Optus prepaid to Telstra for 5 days, each time Optus reject the port request. I’ve had numerous discussions with Telstra and they have escalated the case but still being rejected. They say details must be incorrect. I’ve had 3 online chats with Optus and confirmed details are correct.

Has anyone had experience with this or have any idea on what’s going on? Haven’t had a personal mobile for 5 days and I’m pissed.

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    maybe it's divine intervention to counter your username….?


    so quick questions
    do you port often?
    are both accounts in your name?
    Are you 100% sure the DOB is correct on optus and telstra end?

    Its been a while but from what used to happen in porting they only share the dob and mobile for prepaid if it matches it goes ahead if it doesnt the port gets rejected. There is no secret list of sim swappers that cause problems


      Yes, I do port often and never experienced anything like this. Yes, both accounts in my name. Optus activation asks for middle name whereas Telstra doesn’t. The last guy at Telstra I spoke to said this made no difference.

      From the online chats with Optus they have verified my dob as correct. I activated on Optus with my drivers license so I believe if there was a problem with dob from the start it would of been rejected initially.

      I’ve spent the week pursuing Telstra, it now looks like I must chase Optus.


    You didn't try to do multiple ports on the same day did you

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    I don't really understand, you shouldn't need Optus go ahead to port to Telstra? Infact last time I talked to Telstra they told me not to tell my previous carrier? I thought to do the port they just need your ID or typically correct name/dateOfBirth from the original sim and correct drivers license number.

    Makes me wonder whether Optus has incorrect name/DOB or licence number attached to your mobile?


      I've been out of telco for a while but traditionally

      Prepaid was always dob
      Postpaid was account number

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    and I’m pissed.

    Maybe try when your sober.


    Prepaid should work with just the DoB; name is irrelevant.

    Have you confirmed that it's correct on Telstra's end? Siebel (Telstra's system) is able to create prepaid billing accounts with any old DoB as the input.


      Yes confirmed with Telstra's porting team. I called Optus port team earlier and demanded to speak to a manager. He told me there was computer system fault on Optus end preventing the port going through. Told to wait 24 hours for correction. I told him to go get f_cked. I've had no phone since Monday and Optus chat have told me twice everything was good.

      Optus are clearly lying tards and I've spent hours chasing this port issue from both sides, I want me life back.

      Need to take it to the ombudsman, just don't have the energy. Change my number instead.


    Under the MNP Code it is up to the gaining carrier to sort it out. Blame Telstra for not appropriately handling this. They have a process for escalation and it seems they aren’t working it out. Can’t say I am surprised. They absolutely suck at customer service and are more interested in blaming anyone than keeping their customers happy.

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      The gaining carrier to fix a so called computer error or glitch on Optus end? I call bullshit on that one.

      I agree both companies are pretty hopeless but after 3 online chats with Optus after 2 port rejections and I was told everything was fine with no troubles Optus end, that's dishonest and unacceptable service.


        Don’t take my word for it. Read the MNP Code. It’s easily found online.


          Since you're telling the story… Can Telstra access Optus database to correct an error?


        were you actually chatting to the mnp team or just some low level online chat csr who probably couldnt see the error. I think you confusing poor service and poor training with malice

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