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[Switch] Free Games from QubicGames: Robonauts & Geki Yaba Runner (Requires Newsletter Signup & US eShop Account)


To celebrate 1 million in sales, QubicGames are giving away free codes to Robonauts (requires US eShop account to redeem). Just sign up to their newsletter, and the code will be sent within 48 hours. (Codes are being sent out manually, so be patient! Instructions for creating a US eShop account will also be included with the code, apparently.)

Plus, anyone who owns a game from QubicGames (including the Robonauts freebie) will also receive a copy of their new game, Geki Yaba Runner Anniversary Edition, for free when it is released on May 31!

Like most games from QubicGames, Robonauts is on sale pretty much all the time! And personally I found the demo a bit boring. But free is free! And two games for free is two games for free! :)

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  • Thanks op, signed up

  • Robonauts is fun.

  • Thanks OP, signed up.

  • I just received my code! Account set up, and code redeemed fine! :)

    FWIW, the instructions for creating a US account is really just a link to the Nintendo Life article for creating a Japan account (except just noting to do it for United States instead). Here’s the link, if you want to create the account while you wait for the code:

  • Thanks, got one

  • Got the code this morning, faster than I expected. :D

  • Thank God that counter was just Switch games. I was gonna say, selling only one mill over fifteen years and countless games would be a pretty shitty effort really.

    A million on a new console that's only been out for a couple years though, yeah, that's a fair enough point to celebrate. I've got at least five of their games on my Switch, so this is a welcome surprise, cheers OP.

  • Quick question - I have no doubt my son's Switch account will be an Australian one. So I've asked for a code, and I understand he will need to create a US account to redeem that code.

    How easy is it to switch accounts on the Switch (that seems a strange sentence), and if he does, can he just install the game then switch back to his AU account and the game will keep working?

    Sorry, Xbox One Guru here but our Switch is very new.


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      Once you add the game with the US account, it doesn't matter which account you are using. You can go back to the AUS one and have no issues. Changing accounts on the switch is really easy, you don't have to restart the console etc.

  • Nice just registered so waiting.

  • Why not, free is free.