Buying from eBay AU While Holidaying Overseas?

Hi folks, has anyone tried buying on Ebay Australia with your usual Ebay AU account when overseas? Unfortunately need to buy some stuff and Ebay AU's my safest bet.
I've heard of Aussie folks buying from the US site, but have heard that Ebay Australia is ridiculously stringent and tends to suspend accounts when they detect a purchase from overseas (one friend had this issue but from listing an item). I'd hate to get my Paypal and Ebay accounts suspended over this.

Anyone has any experience or knowledge about this? Thanks.

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  • Yep, bought a few things last month while I was overseas. No dramas at all.

  • Never had any trouble with ebay like that.

    Bigpond email and Gmail used to lock me out though. I just use a VPN that says I am in Melbourne or Sydney for stuff like that these days.

    Other travel hints:
    (1) Tell your Credit Card providers length of trip and where too.
    (2) I redirected my home phones to my MyNetphone VOIP service and set it to email me an MP3 file of any messages left.
    (3) Have my VOIP program Zoiper running on my laptop for outgoing calls (number comes up as Brisbane based no matter where I am). It will receive the Incoming redirected calls IF the laptop was on at the time. You could also run a voip app on your phone if you have mobile data (much cheaper than International redirection costs).

  • Been overseas for over a year and bought lots on ebay AU with my account, no problems as of yet

  • As long as you have less than 17 accounts you'll be fine.