Gumtree Tech Support - Anyone Else Find It "Poor"


I'm having an issue with gumtree and finding their tech support could (at best) be described as "poor"

Over a week to (not) resolve an issue… with no feedback as to an expected completion time.

Just wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences or if I'm just the lucky one??

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    Gumtree support = bikies

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    with the amount of detail in your post, not sure how anyone could tell if they have had similar experiences

    not sure what technical difficulties there could be with gumtree
    new listing, attach a pic or two, write some words..
    delete listing when/if sold or cant be bothered anymore

    thats about it


      Their app sucks, freezes, pics don't upload correctly, can't go back (on iOS)


        they have support in-line with the fee you pay to use the service

        use a browser instead of the app, or a laptop/desktop
        no idea why you'd bother chasing support multiple times for a service like gumtree

        pretty unlikely that its an ios app issue as opposed to a 'your device' issue, which i wouldn't expect them to actually try and resolve as its not worth the effort
        works fine on android for instance


          Browsser app constantly telling me I have unread emails - even though :-

          1) I have read (and replied where relevant) all emails
          2) I have deleted all emails.

          Even now - I'm being told I have 3 unread emails (of 0 in my mailbox)

          This is both in Firefox and Chrome

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    I thought the support was
    Remove listing
    ReList the listing

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    Gumtree has tech support?


    You probably paid peanuts/nothing and then when you sell you will get cash.

    Support what?


    What do you expect, it's owned by eBay so support will be the same (if you are very lucky) or worse (as expected).


    gumtree support.

    that's an oxymoron yeah?

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