Caught by David Jones Cancelled Order "Cancel Frenzy"

Pricehipster lead me to some great prices at David Jones during the recent Click Frenzy, but 4 out of 5 items that I was able to purchase were cancelled. Sigh.

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David Jones
David Jones


  • Sounds like David Jones.

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    There's no other store (for cancellations) like David Jones

    • EB wrote the book and you get stuck with shippng :p

      • yes indeed, stuck with $10 delivery for delivery of a single item

        • I'd like to think the ACCC could be dragged into this
          Non-delivery of products & services | ACCC

          It is illegal for a business to accept payment for products or services they do not intend to supply.

          • @radnom: I don't think you could catch them, they wouldn't fit under the 3 catergories

            they do not intend to supply them -> they did, but they have since found they don't have it
            they intend to supply materially different products or services -> N/A
            they know, or should have known, they would not be able to supply the products or services within the timeframe indicated or if no timeframe was provided, within a reasonable time. -> This is more interesting. I would suspect if you were to argue this you'd need substancial evidence from a series of complainants that this is a common practice. I would think the answer might be for them to fix their horrible IT and inventory systems, and instead of claiming to have an item and then needing to cancel the order, that they would only have entries on their websites of items they are known to have more than a few of in stock.

    • Yeah there is - Myer is just as bad with cancellations. Worst luck is when you're stuck with discounted gift cards you intentionally purchased just for that item.

  • Not only do they cancel, they list items that are not available at all, or are only 'click and collect' and no stores have them - and definitely not any stores near you.

  • Bait & Switch

  • It gets better. They cancelled my order due to "no stock". I have been going back and forth with them for the last two days. I called the Burke street store and what do you know, they have several. The customer support told me that "stores are not required to take part" but when i purchased i was given the option to click and collect from their CBD store. Shifty practices which i will be going to the ACCC over

  • Ok, so I was in email communication with them, first email they acknowledged the issue and apologised, and said they'd refund.
    But I insisted that the issue for me was being charged a full delivery fee for a partial order, and they resolved that for me too…. leaving me with a fairly satisfactory position on their customer service.

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