Multi Zone AV Receiver

Hi All,
I need some help / advice on choosing a AV Receiver that could run the following setup.(ceiling speakers are already installed)

Note: Wiring was done when the house was building, so all the wiring is downstairs in living room)

5 X Ceiling speakers 8 ohms (Living & Dining – Zone 1)
2 X Ceiling speakers 8 ohms (family upstairs – Zone 2)
2 X Ceiling speakers 8 ohms (Alfresco – Zone 3)

1) 1 AV Receiver or device to run 3 zones all together or 2 zones together or Independent of each other, with wifi / Bluetooth capabilities.
2) Device should have the capability to play AppleTv or Chrome Cast
3) Device should have the capability to play music from Iphone/Android to any selected zones
4) Device should allow some sort of App that can turn the Zones On/Off from IPhone/Android
5) Device should have the capability to play music from Youtube or any other app on TV

guys I don't have any knowledge of sound, but this is what I want. I will be really grateful to you guys, if you can suggest / help and guide me in my conquest.




    You're at the point where I believe you should consult a home theatre specialist. Get this properly done with a wall panel or some such


      @Spaceback that's why I have asked on the forum, so I might find someone who knows what I am taking about. The wiring and stuff was done by specialist. he will install the Plate, but he is not sure on AV Receiver.


    Depending on the speakers you have installed, your choice of receiver could be limited. not many receivers are powerfull enough to drive 9 speakers @ 8+ ohms.

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