[Price Error] DeLonghi - Ariadry Compact 30 Litre Dehumidifier - White - $24 (Normally $549) @ ShopZero

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Found this deal on Shopzero for 24$, quite possibly be pricing error though.

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  • Pricehipster strikes again!

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      Found this deal on Shopzero Pricehipster

  • Doesn't let you checkout though. Says minimum order amount is $150.

    • I think this is the trick; once order is in place; they might tell price error and refund you 24/= and send you the rest of items (I m guessing)

  • Aw, minimum order $150. I don't think I need that many dehumidifiers.

  • Don't bother they will cancel the order.
    Same thing happened awhile back. They had an error on formula 1 lego technic going for ~$70 a pop. Didn't get any vouchers or anything either.

  • Anyone interested in ordering in Perth ?
    Need 5 more orders and We can club to make up to $150

  • I only can put 5 dehumidifiers so still need to spend another $30 to order and all other prices are crazy expensive

  • Anyone in sydney ordering i am willing to get one

  • https://shopzero.com.au/purchase-terms-conditions/

    Not worth it — there is a disclaimar and force you to ZIP Pay or AfterPay impacting your credit rating
    We reserve the right to cancel any order due to technical issues that may arise, including but not limited to:
    - the rare instance there is a pricing error or cart error and prices represented at the time of purchase are inaccurate.

    • Any evidence ZIP or afterpay impact credit ratings?

      • Guess it will increase your liability for sure like credit card?

        • For reference, I tried signing up to zip and got knocked back (I'm bankrupt), signed up to afterpay and purchased with no issues, so likely afterpay doesn't check credit file.

  • I m interested based in sydney

  • Just add 7 and you'll be able to check out. Set the first qty to 5. Click on the item in the cart - it will return you to the prod desc and then add it again. Do this twice. It will increase to 7.

    I got to the payment method so it should work.

    Let us know how you go…

  • They revised the price

    • Yes, looks like they wised up to it. I had 4 in my cart plus 2 LIFX bulbs to get the price over $250 so I could use the $30 off code. Was deciding whether to commit when all of a sudden the 4 units disappeared from the cart. Would have been an awesome deal but doubtful that they would have honored it.