Merinda Park station car park fine

Want to decide what’s better- to submit a review or to pay $32.
On 2nd of April, I saw many cars with Parking infringement advisory notice (PIAN) in Merinda Park car park. Some of them had the infringement notice (PIN) in a plastic bag stuck on the windscreen. I don’t know the difference between both. I got PIAN stuck on my car window when I returned I the evening and after one month I got PIN delivered via post. My parking space had no sign but it was not parked in the bay as well. The main board at the entrance says to PARK IN BAYS ONLY. I saw few cars which were parked in similar conditions as mine but not fined. I got pictures for both. The fine is only $32 but it’s the first time I’ve got it and I’m feeling bad. The offence code is 711 and the Road Rule number is RR 211(2). Is there a chance of getting successful review outcome if I choose to do so.

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    pay $32.

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    what happened when you submitted the review with the photographs?


      I haven’t done that. I’m looking for suggestions if it’s worth it. Apparently 100% poll is against it. 😅


    I thought there was something wrong with the car park and now it's been fixed. lol

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    (1)     This rule applies to a driver who parks on a length of road, or in an area, that has parking bays (whether or not a park in bays only sign applies to the length of road or area).
    (2)     A driver must position the driver's vehicle completely within a single parking bay, unless the vehicle is too wide or long to fit completely within the bay.

    Didnt park in bay = got fined for not parking in bay

    Just because others did the wrong thing doesn't mean you will be let off

    It all depends on how you parked - if you parked in an unmarked area next to others doing the wrong thing i dont think you have a leg to stand on

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      I know but I was the one picked up for that. The system seems biased. Or the officer was negligent on that day. People are still parking there on daily basis because not many are aware of the rules.

      I guess like me, most drivers only look for no parking sign and decide from there on. Because few of the areas are marked with no parking sign and few are not. There should be one thing out of two either PARK IN BAYS ONLY or NO PARKING. The board PARK IN BAYS ONLY was just a sign to me with no legal implication. But now I know.


        are u a man, prolly bias against men
        are u a liberal vote, proly bias against liberal voters
        do u have a toyota, maybe he is bias against japanese cars
        did u park poorly, prolly bias against bad drivers
        do u have a white car, prolly bias against white cars

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    Want to decide what’s better- to submit a review or to pay $32.

    I didn't even know there was such thing as a government-issued $32 parking notice in Victoria!
    Must be the cheapest parking related fine ever.

    I saw many cars with Parking infringement advisory notice (PIAN)…

    What is a "Parking infringement advisory notice"?

    I almost thought OP was in SA or WA, but he/she is actually in Victoria!

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    Is this the first time you’ve not parked in a bay? If not, count how many times you have. Now divide $32 by that number. There you have your daily parking rate. Cheaper than $30/day in the cbd, isn’t it?

    And from now on, park in bays only!

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    I saw few cars which were parked in similar conditions as mine but not fined. I got pictures for both.

    I know there are plenty of unsolved crimes where the perps remained free. Should i go try to commit one ?

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    Is it a private car park?


    Pay fine and move on. Take is as a lesson learned.


      Yes! I learnt mine. But I feel pity for those who are still parking there (different car every day) and will get one some day. This is not the right way to educate people of their mistakes as only a few random learn this way. I doubt why there is NO PARKING sign at about 5-7 places within the parking zone. If PARK IN BAYS ONLY describe everything, why NO PARKING SIGN is required. If it’s required then why not at all the places including where I parked.

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    Read all 56 pages of this

    In summary. Ignore it completely. Do not communicate with them at all.

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