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[PC, Steam] Throne of Keys - One Free Game Every Hour @ Kinguin


Attention Kinguiners! Still looking for a new game to add to your gaming library? Look no more! Kinguin officially announces its first episode of "Crazy Free Weekends"!
Yes, you heard that right, lots of games will be given for free, so stay tuned!
Here's the deal: every hour a different game will be promoted, which you can grab for free! Just add it to your cart and finish the order, no worries, you don't have to pay anything!
That's it, grab your free game, tell your friends about it and have one really amazing gaming weekend!


What is the promotion about?
Every hour a new free game will be promoted. Grab your free game now or wait for the next one.

How long does the promotion last?
The promotion lasts from Friday 24.05 14:00 CET to Monday 27.05 18:00 CET.

How often will the games change?
Each full hour there will be one different game selected that can be claimed for free.

Can I get more than one game?
Each customer can claim one game during each hour of promotion.

All games have already been claimed. When will next games be available?
Each hour there is a limited number of available keys that are for free. If all keys have been given away already, please check the promotion in an hour to make sure you do not miss you free code. New games should be added every hour on the hour.

How can I claim my free game?
Simply click “Claim For Free” next to the game and login to your Kinguin account. If you do not have any account yet, make sure to register first. The game will be automatically added to your Kinguin Inventory. To reveal your key just click “Show CD-Key” and you may enjoy your free game!

I got the game but I'm not sure how to activate it. What should I do?
If you are not certain how to redeem your product, please check the Activation Details that are available on the product page or visit our FAQ page.You can also just click on the Activation Guide on the game card in your Inventory. If you are still unable to activate the game, please contact us via LiveChat or Create a Ticket.

Edit: Available again 31/5 11pm

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  • Damn the game didn't even show up for me that time lol. At least I've had better luck overall today than yesterday.

    I've got Lucius, Guacamelee, Stronghold Crusader HD, Ridge Racer Unbounded, Timberman and Gorky 17 right now.

    I'll trade all of them for Battlefield 4, if anyone is interested or has a spare.

    • Trade Ridge Racer or Stronghold Crusader for Brutal Legend ?

  • Resident Evil zero

  • resident evil 0 missed it again :(

  • +1

    Resident Evil 0 / Biohazard 0 HD NO WAY im pissed i missed it

    • Mine said congratulations you claimed… nek minute check the inventory and nothing there. So jibbed.

  • Resident Evil 0 / biohazard 0 HD REMASTER - 5 PM

  • +2

    Button's broken again/still. Hit it at 5:00:01 and amazed I didn't get it.

    Oh well see you guys in an hour 😂

    • See you then! I'll bring the salt :P

  • Gone in like 2 seconds.

  • again I click it and nothing happens

  • +1

    Biohazrds got claimed under a second. Seem realistic.

  • same - clicking the button does nothing

  • Resident Evil 0 / Biohazard 0 HD Remaster. Missed it :(

  • +1

    I have Resident Evil 0 / biohazard 0 HD REMASTER, Guacamelee, Do Not Feed The Monkeys, Ridge Racer Unbounded, and Timberman. Looking to trade for Saints Row IV or ARMA if anyone is interested

    • Have brutal legends if you want it

    • I'll trade saints row 4 for resident evil/ biohazard if u still have it

      • Yeah still have it but can't PM for a day apparently because I'm a new member but if you're willing to wait I'll PM you when I can and we can do the trade

        • I'm willing to wait I'll try to pm u now see if that works, turn it on in settings

          • +1

            @Wilder94: Yep it's on, I'm still seeing this "Unable to send messags: Private message throttled for new user accounts less than 1 day old". Hopefully works tomorrow, but i'll save the key for you.

  • https://imgur.com/HNlYpO8
    was on a live chat, its pretty much competing against luck and bots from now on.

    • Blurriest screenshot ever? On mobile so not sure if it's just me

      Edit: nevermind switched to desktop mode works fine

    • +2

      I'd say it's more to do with odds and probability of getting a key than bots. If there are thousands of people trying to redeem all at once and they may only have less than a handful of keys for the A-grade games, the chances of landing one are incredibly slim. We're also approaching peak hour with number of people online, further reducing odds.

      • There's a few thousand people from facebook, however many here + reddit etc alot of competition for ~30 (maybe?) A game Keys

  • Dead Island Riptide - button did nothing again

    • +1

      Same, spammed on the button as soon as it popped up to no avail

  • Dead Island. Got it! :)

  • Dead Island Riptide - 6 PM

  • Dead Island Riptide Steam CD Key. Got one

  • I didn't even see that, and I had it refreshed literally 3 seconds after 6.

    • Takes about 20 seconds for them to show up.. for me anyway

      • Oh I was refreshing until 2 past and it never came.

        • Weird it showed up for me, just couldn't claim it cause the button -.-

  • dead island riptide steam 6pm - got one, willing to trade

    • I'm happy to trade Brutal Legend for Riptide if you don't have it.

    • Sent you a PM to discuss, if you didn't manage trade it yet

  • Yeah button did nothing for me, not even a message up top right like usual just a dead button.

  • dead island looks like a game up my alley - if people have it or don't want it hit me up for a trade

    • PM me

      • Sure

  • Site lagged majorly for me that time

    • +5

      The bots are adapting.

  • I already had Dead Island Riptide, anyone want to trade another game for it?

    • Yep I've got Brutal Legend, Guac, Gorky 17 and Timberman

      • I have all those except Gorky 17 but doesn't look like a game I'd play.
        I'll hold on to it in case you or someone else gets another game.

    • Yep I've got the ship, Timberman and Guacamalee

      • I have all those, sorry.
        I'll hold on to it in case you or someone else gets another game.

  • Apparently Dead Island is region locked so can't redeem in AU accounts - anyone confirm?

    • +2

      This message appears when trying to activate Riptide..
      Sorry, but this product is not available for purchase in this country. Your product key has not been redeemed.

      It would be good if it told us which country it's redeemable in.

      • +1

        All the others in my inventory have a globe icon and say region free when hovered over, does Riptide say anything specific?
        I missed out on grabbing it =(

        • Mine's got an RoW (Rest of World) icon instead of the Region Free icon the others have.

        • Yes in Kinguin if I hover over the region globe icon it says 'RoW' which I googled the meaning of - (Rest of World)

      • Tell support, they should be giving global keys

      • +2

        I just activated Dead Island - I tried a few VPN. Tried NA first did not work. Then tried Italy VPN and it activated. Seems to be region locked to Europe

        The OzBargain windscribe free vpn has now managed to be useful

  • Another hour is here :D Lets hope this is a good one

    • +4

      prepare for disappointment

      • C'mon, be that glass half full guy :D

  • Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain - noooooo missed out

    • aww didnt even see this one….

  • MGSV gone way too quick

  • +1

    How the heck, I click at Phantom Pain as soon I saw it.

  • Why isn't it doing anything when I click? not even the message telling me I didn't get it.

    • +1

      button is broken -_-

  • +1

    MGSV The Phantom Pain (7 PM) … Missed this one :( Would've been one of the games that i'd actually play out of all of them…

    Anyways… Again, I've got Lucius, Guacamelee, Stronghold Crusader HD, Ridge Racer Unbounded, Timberman and Gorky 17 right now.

    I'll trade all of them for Battlefield 4, if anyone is interested or has a spare.

    • +1

      Yeah same I was looking to buy this game. Can't help but feel like I will never end up buying it because I'll always be salty about missing out on a free copy Lol. That's happened to me before and it's unfortunately a fault I've developed from being a cheapskate.

  • Damn! Would have loved to get MGS. Button locked on this one.

  • yeah clicking did nothing for me too :'(

  • +5

    Nice. Managed to get it.

  • +5

    They should write a book.

    Promotions: How to repeatedly disappoint your potential customers and make them question your competence.
    The true story of how we were able to make people who'd never heard of us before cringe at the sight of our name in 48 short hours.

  • +4

    They offering not enough keys for the good games, that's why it got claimed instantaneous.

    • If only the button would say "All gone" when you clicked it. At the moment it's like the page hasn't loaded or something; the button is completely unresponsive. Sometimes it will eventually say "already claimed", which is confusing people. It's a frustrating user experience. Somehow we were better off with the site being laggy.

      • Not having such problems with less popular titles.

  • +4

    this will run all weekend every hour keys will be from 100 up to 600 every drop

    Found this on their fb, explains why they go so fast 100 good game keys between thousands trying lol

  • So ive found that my pc time, is 3 secs slow, from the official dateandtime.com, so maybe this time i should try refreshing at 8.00.03

    • +2

      Wait, if your clock is slow, it'd be 7:59:57 you'd need to refresh?

    • Tell us if the theory worked! lol

      • +2

        My clock is apparently 1.1 seconds slow according to the internet, but every drop seems to be a good 5 seconds after my clock switches

        Edit: Ok that was pretty spot on. Still not fast enough to get the game.

        • Yeah i saw it appear, at my 8.00.03 theory, but the button froze

  • People are still doing this !

  • Killing Floor 2

  • KF2 is a good score

  • alright, these are getting good now, just got Killing Floor 2

  • +1

    killing floor 2. claim key is broken

    • +3

      Yeah same every time i try to claim the claim button don't work

      • +1

        its so annoying. happened for the last few drops and i could've scored a game. nothing, it must be my browser. im switching to firefox for the next one, fingers crossed that works.

        • I have tried both so far keeps doing the same thing.

          • @x-ray: have you used microsoft edge? i might try that and firefox next drop.

      • +1

        The "Claim for free" button gets our hopes up, but rarely works.
        It's a bit like Seinfeld's reservation: https://youtu.be/4T2GmGSNvaM?t=38

  • Killing Floor 2 - 8 PM

    Even more pissed at this one. It loaded in within only 2 refreshes for once and i refreshed again and they were gone.

  • Killing floor 2, gone for 0.5 sec. I click as soon it appear. Didn't manage to get it.

  • Killing Floor 2,missed it.

  • Do you guys get an authorisation error whenever you try to go from the giveaway screen to your inventory on kinguin?

    • Yep. Just press the reload button on the page.

    • Yeah, refresh from the button bellow and will let you in.

  • +20

    Just got SFA again golly jee but I'm sure glad I have a copy of TIMBERMAN


    Screw this I'm going back to piracy

  • I managed to get Killing Floor 2. Looking for Metal Gear Solid V if anyone is keen

    • +2

      I have - wait for it - GUAC, TIMBERMAN, GORKY and BRUTAL LEGEND

      I know CALM DOWN

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