expired Epson EH-TW9300W 4K Enhancement Home Theatre Projector (with Wireless HDMI) $2999 Shipped @ Selby Acoustics


Shhhhhh don’t tell any one but it’s meant to be for stereo net subscribers only! I won’t tell if you don’t tell. It can be our little secret.

Normally $4999 and on the site it’s $4190. I’m sure they don’t have many at the special price so get one while you can if projectors are your thing :)

The EH-TW9300W from Epson is an impressive Home Theatre Projector featuring 4K Enhancement for stunning picture quality, 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio for ultra black levels, 2,500 Lumens brightness for whites and colours, 2D to 3D conversion for a fully immersive experience, and lens position presets so you can effortlessly switch between ratios (including extra wide ratios without the need for an anamorphic lens).

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    Reading specs, sounds like this is a 1080p projector.


    This is not a 4K projector remove 4K from title

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    I have this projector and it does a great job with making 4K look good, but it is essentially a 1080p projector that uses fancy technology to project 4k content somewhere between HD and UHD quality, but it does not project images in native 4k resolution.

    If you do buy this projector, the first 4k disc I recommend you play on it is Planet Earth 2. The image quality of that disc through this projector is stunning!


    How noisy are these really expensive projectors? I know it's subjective, but I have an older nec 1024*768 native and it can be rather loud.


      It is a little loud for the first min when it starts up and then the fan switches gear and is fairly quiet. I have it mounted about 1.5 meters directly above our heads and I've never noticed it while playing a movie.


      Have an older Epson similar model…. noise at the start up… and then u don’t notice.
      Wireless is a great option instead of cables across the room or roof


    Is this the same as the 5040ub?

    If so, it's an excellent projector

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    I can vouch for this projector. Chose this over optoma uhd65 which is native extremely satisfied. I got it refurbished from Epson for 2400 with 3 years warranty.


      I think people need to read this comment and understand that a 4k dlp projector doesn't necessarily look better than an eshift projector (even though both use their own shifting technology)

      By all accounts, the Epson (assuming it's a 5040ub) looks better, and sharpness/detail is basically the same or at best marginally better on the dlp 4k, i.e. actual resolution is way less important than color accuracy and contrast and HDR implementation

      I own a vivitek hk2288 4k dlp projector, but wish I had an epson (or a JVC). Input lag on all 4k dlps is really high, so fps gaming sucks.

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    In the comments: People who don't understand the current state of 4k projector technology.

    Yes, this projector has a 1080p panel, but the panel is very quickly shifted 4 times per frame to create the impression of a 4k image. Yes, it is false advertising in a way (which is why people brand this Faux-K), but they're allowed to call it 4k because the industry has certified this technology to be 4k. The most important thing is that it definitely works and will look sharper than a standard 1080p projector. Of course a native 4k projector with a native 4k panel will look even sharper, especially if you pixel peep at still images and text. Though is not that much better where is worth the insane price jump (a native 4k projector starts at almost $8000).

    Here's a good breakdown for the technology and some comparisons to a native 4k projector.

    This is a review of a different projector, but it uses the same 1080p chip as this Epson and the same e-shift technology. It directly compares a 1080p image (on a previous 1080p model with the same chip) to a e-shifted 4k image.

    Honestly, unless you have vision that's better than 20/20 and your sitting at the recommended distance relative to the screen size (which most people even who owns 4k tv don't) is not really gonna make a difference whether is 4k or Faux-K.


      What's the trend in the 4k native market? Is there any sign of rapid price drops coming? This sounds like a reasonable compromise until 4k lasers reach a reasonable price point but not sure on how many years that would be.


        What 4k lasers?

        Laser is just the light source.


        Zero sign of it dropping unfortunately, is just too expensive to make and because of the eshifts, there's just less development for the native 4k chips. The prices for the eshifts are slowly dropping though. Maybe look into projectors that eshifts 2716 x 1528 chips, seems like a pretty good compromise.

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      I retract my comments. Wasn't aware 4k enhancement was Epson's version of eshift, took a bit of googling to find a confirmation. I'd personally be happy with having eshift considering true 4k I'd way out of my budget.


        Maybe look into the projectors that eshifts 2716 x 1528 chips. That's a pretty good compromise to true 4k.


    This or the Xiaomi one?

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      Xiaomi one. Long throw are a hassle to set up.

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      Epson if you have the proper room sized for it and don't mind mounting it. Xiaomi if is a living room. Epson would look better (higher contrast) in pitch dark room, but the Xiaomi is a bit more versatile (brighter, short throw).


    How good is this projector at upscaling DVDs, i.e., 480P?


    Seems expensive for Epson. For this price I'd go JVC which has better color and pixel shift algorithms.

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    This a great projector. It was competitively priced before the sale and now even better.

    It's on sale because it has just been superseded by the 9400.

    For the person who said ultra short throw projectors are better, they require special screens, limiting your choice of screen very significantly. It's a major drawback IMO.

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      There are plenty of videos online showing UST projectors without a screen…


      Ozbargainers often seek advice and knowledge on products. Don't spew nonsense just because You don't like a product. UST projectors dont "require" "special" screens. Sure, It will look better with a screen but then again so would a long throw projector.


        So how do you figure my opinion is nonsense and yours is fact? You must be the judge around here?

        You asked for knowledge and advice and that's exactly what I shared, having had the benefit of owning many projectors and screens since the first ones 25 years ago, and working in the industry for a time.

        How long have you been using projectors?

        If I get the time I'll come back later and explain why a special screen is required if you want a good image from. UST.

        Is my neg from you? I'm not negging you because you're entitled to contribute your opinion.


    Is this still active? I tried the promo code but got rejected - I wish I had seen this earlier (was actually very keen to buy this specific projector).


    Here is a true 4K alternative
    $1659 with code PAPPY until June 3rd (will sell out earlier though)

    Has good reviews for the price:

    Techguide review link

    Trustedreviews link


    coupon code doesn't work.

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