Deliveroo Account Secure?

I just got my Deliveroo account and this hacker started order food using my Deliveroo account in Melbourne. I called Deliveroo right away and as I was putting a stop on three transactions, there were two more orders came through. I heard some horror stories on Uber Eats about accounts have been compromised. Has anyone have same experience from Deliveroo?

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    Yes, not me, but happened to a couple friends. Change your password, it's either Deliveroo's hacked or you're reusing the same password from other hacked websites.
    I only use apps like Deliveroo to know which restaurants are open, then call them directly to order, it's slightly cheaper.

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    Safe Computing tip: Don't leave your CC details on other computers. Ever- if you do, you are trusting them and a great many people in the Organisation and its service providers- as well as any hacker that can gain access

    So ask yourself first; Are they secure? Do I trust them to have good training, oversight, processes, accountability? To NOT abuse my account data?

    If your appetite drops any thinking about that, order elsewhere!


    Please do a virus scan and remove both firefox and chrome and reinstall them. Sounds like a D*** B*** attack.