Kogan and Amaysin Mobile Plans - Does It Mean Unlimited Calls to Australian Mobile with No Time Limit Per Call?

Hi sorry for very dumb question.

In Kogan Plan and Amaysin Plan do the unlimited calls mean unlimited calls to Australian mobile with no time limit per call? I read with TPG's unlimited call there's a 2 minute time limit per call.



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    Yes it should be completely unlimited with no time limit per call. If still in doubt:-

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    'unlimited' plans are usually countered by 'fair-go' terms in the policies. This 'fair-go' term can differ between providers.


    Nothing is really fully unlimited, i.e. making 30 days of call non stop


    on amaysim have noticed that call disconnects after 1 hr. then make new call to same number.


    What heppens after 2 minutes on TPG?