ShopBack Not Working?

Just bought a Groupon Amaysim plan for $8.95, Shopback didn't show the 7% cashback. Just 63c so I don't care, but for big future purchases this will be an issue. I paused Adblock just like they said, they directed me to Groupon site and the url had lots of stuff in it, but when i clicked the Amaysim deal the url was suddenly normal (same as if u went directly into Groupon).

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    you think the tracking is instant?

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      oh i thought it was a browser within browser thing. im new so please be gentle, i have no idea about all the things u veterans breath as air.


        doesnt work like this not even with cashrewards


        it takes time for it to track.

        i didnt think an aliexpress purchase i had made was tracked (cashback was ~$30) and was a little peeved. but it showed up 8 hours later (email confirmation)


    Your browser might have a plugin or feature that disables tracking, so make you sure you switch that off. Some browsers have it on by default.

    Tracking isn't instant. Cashbacks take several days to approve.


    just got the shopback, 45c, thought it was 7%. im learning so much from ozbargain, fking love this site. they need to make this site a compulsory course at every uni.


    Check your click history in Shopback, thats a good indicator it was tracked.
    I find turning adblocker on and off a pain plus I usually have multiple tabs open so I use a different browser specifically for shopback and cashrewards purchases. Since i started doing that everything has successfully tracked.


    For every notable purchase I have done using CR/SB, I have taken a screenshot of the final confirmation page with the chrome notifiers, just incase I need to raise a case, I send that through straight up so they can't say that 'are you sure you didnt click out…' spiel.

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