Android Text Messages Time Sent?

I have a Umidigi A3 running Android 8.1 when I get a text message it shows up as 'now' in the conversation so I have no idea when the person a actually sent it. I turn my phone off at night and in the morning find a few messages obviously not all just sent as I turned the phone on but can't see any options to fix this?


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    …when I get a text message it shows up as 'now' in the conversation…

    The "now" is when the message was received, not when it was sent.

    The "time sent" isn't sent within a text message itself and your phone wouldn't know when the message was actually sent from the originating phone because you've turned it off.

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      Solution is to not turn off the phone at night, leave it on silent so it will receive messages and record the time of receipt.

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    Text messages actually have metadata that contain information like when it was sent. You'll need to download an app to retrieve it, something like Android Messages or Textra.

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      Textra is awesome. Heaps of options and settings. My notification led is a different colour depending which family member is texting me.

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