Samsung Galaxy S10 / S9 Case to protect EDGE

Hi Guys,

I have read similar posts but mine is slightly different, i want a case that will protect the EDGE properly as ive had a decent Spigen armour case on S7 Edge but still had a minor accident and the Edge has cracked , I dont care about seeing the edge I just wanted it protected properly with a rim round the front of the phone like ive had on previous flat screen Samsung's. I have seen a Doria case that might work but i wanted peoples thoughts an experiences.



    Won't the case you are after prevent you from getting your finger right to the edge thus making the edge features redundant?

  • I dont really use many edge features in all honesty.

  • The Incpio case has saved my phone many times.

  • You could get a Samsung S10e and a Spigen ThinFit case…. very slim, best materials, decent protection, no Edge-worries.

    But if you're adamant about the S10 or the S10+ then you probably need to get one of the thick/bulky cases (like OtterBox) to cover up the Edge. There are Housings as well, which clamp together to protect the back, sides, and give you a plastic front protector (they scratch easily though). I just had a quick look, and most regular cases, do in fact, leave the Edge fully exposed (again for that "edge features" no-one really uses). Have a look at the Spigen UltraHybrid S, even that seems to only half-cover the edge but not full-protect it.

    Otherwise, I was going to say get the LG G8, as its practically a slightly bigger S10e or an S10 with a flat front/back. However, I just found out due to low demand, Australia will not be getting the LG G8. We might (in low quantities) get the LG G8s-ThinQ instead, which seems like a slightly inferior model, with less chance of custom firmware and less chance for local sales/deals, so I suggest either stick with Samsung or wait for other competitors.

    • Thanks for the detailed info mate, yeah i might just have to try a few out and see how they are protection wise.

  • Ive had the 360 cases on my S8+ (cheapies from Aliexpress) and my phone screen is all good. Dont use the Edge features much either.

    • Do they fit nicely, any issues with touchscreen / fingerprint ?

      • Well the S8+ fingerprint is on the back, so I never use it anyway. and the S10+ fingerprint also doesnt work well for me normally so can't comment on that either. But no problems with the touchscreen as it only covers the edges?

  • Unfortunately none of them protect the edge 100%, its extremely vulnerable. Already been through screen replacement once. Now I have this: case, pretty happy with it and seems to provide the best possible protection from the many I have tried. It also has inbuilt screen protector.

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