AUSRIDE Scooter on eBay - Anybody with Experience?

Hi OzBargain,

With the recent opening of Sydney Metro, I'm thinking of getting an adult kick scooter to save some leg work. Not sure if Sports & Outdoors is the right place for this post. Mods please feel free to move this to Toys & Kids :)

In typical OzBargain fashion, I checked OzBargain but found no deals. There are some deals on the Xiaomi Electric Scooter but of course I risk a huge fine so that is out of the question, as good as it sounds.

My needs are simple: a sturdy construction and large wheels for easy rolling. A quick search says name brands such as Micro, Razor and Xootr go for $250 - $500.

Maybe $250 isn't out of the question, but I'd be pretty reckless to spend $500 considering you can almost get a Xiaomi for this kind of price. I found a seller on eBay that sells AUSRIDE scooters that look pretty good especially considering the price (a little over $100). Does anybody have any experience with these? Searching "AUSRIDE" doesn't seem to return any meaningful results.

This seller only has two items listed. They look exactly the same although one is $1 more expensive for some reason. Both have sold numerous units and are quite well reviewed although I don't know if you should trust eBay reviews as much as Amazon ones.

Speaking of Amazon. There's a very similar one here but it has no reviews:

What do you thinks? Cheers.

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    Try these, they look worth a try
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    Do yourself a favour by skipping non-branded rubbish and go with something more reliable
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    Risk a fine with Xiaomi Electric Scooter, it's worth it

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    I was looking at the Razer a5 DLX, for a relatively cheap kick scooter that's not electric and has a brand name.

    Kogan sells this for $139, buying from Amazon gets you 5% off if you have Prime and 12% cashback if you have Shopback.

    However, Disc brakes would be better as you're not going to slide all over the place when the wheels are wet and won't be easily stopped by the flap brake.


      Hi scrimshaw,

      Just want to provide an update. I did more research and found these that are quite similar to the AUSRIDE ones:

      Comes from a name brand, good reviews, reasonable prices, plus you can buy one from a brick and mortar store. I quite like the idea of suspensions on scooters so I couldn't go with the one you recommended.

      Anyway, I almost bought it. But in true OzBargain fashion, I decided to try the AURIDE one on eBay (returning is quite easy after all) and I'm very happy with the result!

      The scooter came quickly, solidly built, rolls extremely well. The only minor complaint I have is that the handle bar is slightly off centre and it's not adjustable. This triggers an OCD response but it doesn't impact day to day use at all. I'm glad I saved myself $94.

      You're right about having a separate brake control. Flap brake is pretty terrible, although it is still on option on this one.

      Happy scootering! Cheers.


        Hi there. This post is pretty old now but I was looking at these scooters recently and it would be great to hear if your opinion has changed 1 year on? Thinking of grabbing one myself.

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          Hi yaziyo,

          No, my opinion hasn't changed. The scooter's still solid. Haven't been using it as much lately but I've had it for a year so I'm happy with the quality.

          Unfortunately doesn't look like the seller is still active. Checking the list of recent transactions will tell you he hasn't been active for over 6 months.

          That being said, if you search for "disc brake scooter" you'll find plenty of results. The first result (linked) looks 99% the same as my version, with some minor upgrades.

          Note that I cannot vouch for the linked seller or the quality of their scooter (although it does seem to sell pretty well), the link is just to show you what mine looked like. This is very likely a slightly updated model. Please make sure you do your research and check out the seller's return policy before buying :)

          Happy scootering! Cheers.