Mercedes-Benz EOFY Discount for Demo Cars

Planning to buy demo 2018 GLC350 from a dealer towards the end of next month and was wondering what kind of discount I can expect. Perhaps someone here bought MB last year during EOFY.

I'm in NSW and GLC350s are now advertise for around $90K.



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    Solid high-yield investment there

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      If he wants to maximise yield he is paying $10k too much.

  • I'll take 11. Sell 10 for 10k more and then get one for free. Solid investment strategy.

    • Why stop at 11? We're ozbargainers, we can afford more than that!

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    350? pffft, poverty pack
    GLC63 is the go

  • Ms paint please


    I usually look at this site to get an idea. Worth negotiating, though.

    • Thanks I have seen this one before, not many for sale at the moment

  • Buy in pack of two. That way they may give you a better discount on the total price.

    • Naw, 2 is amateur hour. 6 pack is where it's at. Dozen if you're a baller.

  • Go in the with a firm low ball price and see how you go. Say you will buy on the spot if they agree. They will start upping the price. Walk out and try another. Mercedes are desperate for sales.

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    Spend a bit more & get a Porsche Macan. Better vehicle

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    Buy a Camry. Stick the difference in Super. Retire 5 - 10 years earlier I'd think.

  • As discussed you need to be ready to buy and have a strong sense of what you want to pay will you be financing some of the car or paying cash?. Be friendly and calm, after all the negotiating price of a new merc is the perfect example of a 1st world problem. Remember the sales team of one dealer will know the team members of the other teams. If the MB "I wish" price is $90K and they have EOFY stock then I would be start with a cash downpayment with a cheaky price of $76500 based on some reasonable equalance that your partner perfered the BMW X…, Volvo, Lexus.

    I had a wonderful 11years of my Eclass, I "lost" of course 90% of the value over that time, but hell I spend most of $1M on 20 years of private schools and uni's.

    • I'll be trading in and doing finance. Your suggestion is close to what I was thinking, start ball rolling with $74K and see what happens

    • Gold plated kids, actually at that price solid gold kids. I think you deserved the E-class.

      We have stuck with the A-classes, we like the mini truck version. It is a pity they are now standard hatchbacks they were great for moving not too large bits of furniture.

      • Test drove the new E-class W231 with the autonomous highway driving and I thought it was was a great sedan, a serious improvement on what back in the noughties the 2 generations W211 E-class was the best sedan going.

        But I then tested the Telsa-S and in all honesty felt like a petrol/diesel powered E-class was like a driving steam engine in comparison. My advice would be to hold your $ for the 2020 Benz EC-Q. ICE is now dead-end technology, akin to worrying whether to install an 8 track Dolby C or Dolby B cassette deck. In 5 years the only decision will be about which EV and autonomous capabilities are right for you. ICE will be for Landcrusiers and serious offroaders.

        • Yeah, we live inner Melbourne so our car does very low mileage, we are sitting on our old car and waiting to see what technology happens next. Self drive cars would be perfect for us.

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