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Free Coffee on Signup, Free Muffin on Birthday & Every 5th Coffee is Free @ Muffin Break Rewards App

  • Every 5th coffee is on us when you use the app
  • Get a free muffin during your birthday month
  • Easy points transfer for existing card members
  • Exclusive offers for our Rewards members

Note: Rewards program is only valid for hot beverages.

Received an email from Muffin Break a couple of weeks ago saying they have a new app so to delete their current app and redownload.

Upon doing this, noticed the free first coffee voucher appeared in the app (even though I have used this before). Screenshots below.



Free first coffee also available for completely new sign ups, along with other rewards like free 5th coffee and free muffin on birthday month. Muffin Break also doesn’t charge extra for alternative milks:

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  • Don't forget to charge your phone!

  • U should always break a muffin on ur birthday. It’s free! Been using this every year :) great shops

  • Doesn't work on Samsung S7.

  • Doesnt workon LG G6. New app sucks. Cant even download. Wont be able to redeem my birthday muffin =(

    • You should still be able to use your barcode/membership number.

  • Yep, this app is no longer compatible with a majority of mobile devices! Muffin Break are no help, I've emailed them a few times, the past few weeks. They don't appear to want to fix the app, or don't know how to! Stick with the card, but be warned, a few of your 'credits' are likely no longer there! Grrr…

    • -1

      this app is no longer compatible with a majority of mobile devices

      Could you please elaborate?

      ow is it no longer compatible?
      Which devices in particular are affected?
      What was the exact response you received from their support channel?

    • Not compatible with my LG V20 running 8.0, so I missed out on my free muffin a few weeks ago. I don't have a card as I signed up through the app years ago.

      No big deal, no point crying over a free muffin, but they've stuffed up this app business for sure!

  • +1

    Thanks! Got free first coffee again in my app.

  • Just got an email from them saying download app for new and existing for free small coffee but can't see the free coffee in the app. Where do I find it?

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